Easy Ways to Whiten Your Smile

Every person dreams of white and healthy teeth. There is a common misconception that you can only have white teeth if you visit the dentist. There are many ways through which you can whiten your teeth with simple methods and you will not have to play heavy amounts to the dentist. The use of baking soda, lemon juice, orange rind and hydrogen peroxide will give you the desired results. These procedures are extremely easy and can be performed at home in a matter of minutes. Also, you need to make sure that you brush your teeth on a regular basis.


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    The Baking soda method

    Baking soda, apart from its cooking uses, can also be used to whiten your teeth. The powder contains a natural deodorizer which is effective in removing impurities from your teeth and is essential in whitening them. Just mix some baking soda with water and use it on your teeth with the help of a toothbrush. You will see the results prominently however, it is recommended to use baking soda not more than twice a week on your teeth.

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    Use Lemon juice

    Lemon juice is extremely effective in removing stains from your teeth. The best way to use it is with some salt. Add some lemon juice to a pinch of salt and brush your teeth with the mixture. This will help in eradicating any stains on your teeth and will make your teeth whiter.

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    Use Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen Peroxide is also used in many tooth whiteners and is extremely effective. You can mix it with some amount of water and rinse your teeth with it. Another way would be to brush your teeth with it by using three or four drops of the liquid on your toothbrush.

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    Apply Orange Rind

    You can rub the inner part of an orange on your teeth. This will whiten your teeth and can be used as a natural polisher. The citric acid in the orange rind will help in removing any stains and will help in whitening the teeth. Make sure that you always rinse the mouth nicely when you use the process.

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