How to Treat a Tooth Abscess at Home

Tooth abscess is something which can affect people of any age group at any time. If you are suffering from a tooth abscess, the best idea will be to get the earliest available dentist appointment. However, if for some reason, you can not see a dentist right away; there are certain home remedies which you can use to get temporary relief. Remember that there is no way you can not completely treat a tooth abscess at home so these remedies should be considered as temporary treatments and a dentist should be contacted as soon as possible.


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    Infection in the tooth is one of the most likely causes of a tooth abscess. In order to treat tooth abscess, you will have to fight the infection causing it. Use a natural antibiotic such as garlic for this purpose. Maintain a dose of one garlic capsule three times a day until the tooth abscess is properly healed.

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    Your body is more capable to resist infections if its immune system is strong. In order to boost your immune system, maintain a dose of vitamin C thrice every day. One 1000 mg capsule of vitamin C would be good enough to keep the immune system of your body in perfect condition.

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    Mix equal amounts of baking soda and salt and then add a few drops of water to make a paste of the baking soda / salt mixture. Apply a small quantity of this paste on a cotton ball and place this cotton ball between the affected tooth and cheek. Avoid tossing around the cotton ball inside your mouth and try to keep it in its original place for at least 45 minutes. This will help kill the problem cause bacteria inside your mouth.

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    Using a dry teabag sprinkled with salt can be a painful, yet very effective remedy while treating a tooth abscess. Place the salt sprinkled teabag inside your mouth so that it is directly beside the problematic tooth. Keep the teabag inside your mouth for at least one hour.

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    Diluted clove oil can be applied to the infected tooth to ease off pain caused from a tooth abscess. You can also take Ibuprofen if you are not allergic to the drug. To get rid of swelling caused by a tooth abscess, apply a pack of ice to your face.

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