How to Get Full Lips Naturally

Lips play a massive role in the overall beauty of a woman. Some of the great Hollywood actresses of the modern era like Angelina Jolie or models like Kate Moss are famous for their beautiful full lips, which gives a boost to their overall sex appeal. There are many people, who are suffering from thin lips, adopting various artificial and desperate methods to have more prominent and broad lips. However, if you are smart enough, you can adopt many natural ways to improve your lips.

Things Required:

– Lip plumper
– Lip liner
– Lip gloss


  • 1

    Assess the thinness of your lips

    If you are not satisfied with the thickness of your lips, the first step you have to take is to thoroughly assess their thinness and see how much bigger you want them to be.

  • 2

    Lip plumping products

    Visit a drug store or a cosmetic counter near your home and ask for their lip plumping products. A beauty consultant would be in the best position to recommend which products will suit your type of lips.

    Having applied the lip plumper, you can examine if you feel a visible difference in the shape of your lips. While applying the lip plumper, keep in mind that you may feel a tingling sensation. If the fullness of lips is not achieved through lip plumper, try using make-up.

  • 3

    Lip liner

    Using lip liner is a commonly used method to achieve fuller lips. Apply a darker colour lip liner on your lips as compared to the natural shade. However, you should ensure that you remain in the natural boundaries of your lips. In order to fill the space between the line you made and the actual lip tissue, you need to slide a light coloured lipstick.

  • 4

    Apply multiple coats of lip gloss

    Starting from the base of your lips and moving towards the opening of your mouth, you should apply various coats of lip gloss. However, try to avoid the lip gloss touching the inner rim of your mouth as it does not taste very good.

  • 5

    Dab the lip gloss in the centre of your lips

    To create a more luscious look, you can dab lip gloss in the centre of your lips. However, you should refrain from blotting the lips in an effort to have high volume.

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