Top 10 Aftershaves for Men

Men all over the world use aftershave to get rid of any germs that may be left by the razor. It is also a good way of adding a fragrance to one’s self as some of these aftershaves small great. There are many brands out there that try to incorporate the two and have done so with great success as well.


  • 1

    Ralph Lauren

    This is the best overall options and can be used by people preferring class or something casual at the same time. There are plenty of fragrance options so you can get one you prefer.

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  • 2

    1 Million by Paco Rabanne

    It has a slightly spicy fragrance that suits most formal occasions. The fragrance lasts reasonably long. With price generally not too high in various parts of the world, it is a great choice.

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  • 3

    Gucci by Gucci SPORT pour Homme

    It gives a bit of a sporty feel. It has a well balanced fragrance fresh woody feel that is very masculine. With price not out of the roof, it’s not a bad choice for informal gatherings.

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  • 4

    BOSS Bottled Night – Hugo Boss

    It has a combination of sandalwood, birch leaves and lavender. It has a musky fragrance that gives a great masculine feel, more than most competitors. Prices are reasonable as well the world over.

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  • 5

    Prada pour Homme – Prada

    This is the one for the sophisticated guys. It has a light fragrance similar to talcum powder in a pleasant non-over powering way. With reasonable prices, it’s a winner for guys preferring class and elegance.

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  • 6

    Only the Brave – Diesel

    It has a complicated fragrance that incorporates manliness and various scents from nature. The bottle design is pretty wavy and makes it even more interesting. Prices are decent too.

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  • 7

    Tom Ford for Men – Tom Ford

    It has a sophisticated yet quite heavy smell with a wooden base. It gives a bit of a feel of richness. Prices are slightly higher due to its feel.

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  • 8

    Cool Water – Davidoff

    Suitable for all conditions, the fragrance is based on amber and peppermint. It is pretty masculine and prices are fairly lower than the rest of the options on the list.

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  • 9

    BANG – Marc Jacobs

    It’s an ideal fragrance for the fashion conscious men. The fragrance is quite complicated with white moss and patchouli used in the base and top notes of pepper and pink pepper. Prices are very reasonable.

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  • 10

    Unforgivable – Sean John

    This one falls in the celebrity column as it is owned by Sean John (also known as puff daddy). The fragrance is pretty pleasant with a combination of different woods and fruits. The product is very reasonably priced considering its affiliation with a well known star.

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