How to Give Yourself an Amazing Spa Day

If you are tired of your daily routine, pay a visit to local spa and relax there. For giving you an amazing spa day, simply call a nearby spa centre and book an appointment. You can even give yourself a spa day in your house with few items from your fridge and the perfect mood. This will also save your money and you can enjoy spa days in your house whenever you want. In addition to this, you can customize according to your likes and dislikes. However, you need to make sure that you give yourself the appropriate time for treatment and not just wrap it up quickly.


  • 1

    Wash your face

    First of all you need to wash your face with a cleanser. Remember to use a cleanser that is suitable with your skin type. After that apply a moisturizer which should be oil-free.

  • 2

    Apply conditioner

    You should apply conditioner on your hair. Leave it on your hair and in case your hair soaks it up quickly then you need to apply it again. You should not use conditioners with palm oil. Apply the conditioner until your hair are saturated. Wear a shower cap and then blow dry them for almost 15 minutes. Warm with medium heat settings and in end remove the cap.

  • 3


    After applying conditioner, you need to take a shower with a scented body wash. Remember to shave your legs and underarms while you are taking shower.

  • 4

    Steam facial

    Take a bowl and fill it with boiled water. Add essential oils or springs of mint in the water and then place a towel over your head. Lean towards the bowl so that your head comes over the steaming water and stay there for almost five to ten minutes.

  • 5

    Face mask

    Wash your face with warm water and then dry it. Later apply the face mask and follow the instructions written on it. You can cover your eyes with cucumber or read magazine to keep yourself busy.

  • 6

    Get comfortable

    You need to relax yourself completely and get comfortable. Turn off the lights and lit the candles. Put on comfortable clothes and turn on the some light music. Make sundae of your favourite flavours or cut some fruits and eat them. You can even play a movie and relax.

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