Hair Nutrition

When we think of nutrition, the hair is not something that
quickly comes to mind. Images of caring for the body,
eating right for our health, is closer to the mark. The
hair needs special treatment too, just like the rest of our
body does.

The average human head carries over 100,000 hairs. Most of
us lose 25 to 250 hairs a day. That’s not a lot considering
the amount we have. The average life span of a strand of
hair is two to six years. For this reason, it is essential
that we take proper care of our hair.

There are several aspects to hair care and hair nutrition.
What you eat, what you put on your hair, and how you treat
your hair, all play important roles in how your hair looks.
Do you have dull, lifeless, drab hair? Chances are if you
do, you’re missing nutrients your hair is crying out for.

The worst thing for your hair is a hot blow dryer, yet that
is the one thing that most people do to damage their hair.
Take an extra few minutes to wash your hair, and allow
extra time for your hair to dry naturally. This will save
on split ends, not to mention saving the hair the damaging
effects of very hot air drying your hair and scalp out. If
you absolutely must blow dry your hair, wait until the hair
is almost dry, then blow dry on the lowest, coolest

Another way we damage our hair is overly washing it. Our
hair is meant to have natural oils. It is not necessary to
wash your hair everyday unless you are out in the heat and
grime. When we wash our hair too often, we wash away those
natural oils that our hair needs. Two to three times a
week, or every other day is more than enough. Also, it is
not necessary to buy high priced shampoos. Inexpensive
shampoos work just as well. Use conditioner on you hair
after each shampoo. This makes for a much easier combing,
causing less tangles and breakage of hair strands.

What we eat is as important to our hair as it is to the
rest of our body. If you want your hair to look it’s best,
you’ve got to feed your body the vitamins and minerals your
hair needs to be strong and healthy. To keep your hair (and
body) looking and feeling its best, incorporate a healthy
diet into your daily routine. Taking vitamin supplements is
also an excellent way to enhance your health.

Eating foods rich in Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin
B8 (Biotin), Folic Acid, Para Amino Benzoic Acid, Silica,
Calcium, Zinc, and iron, to name a few, helps prevent or
reduce hair loss, helps replace dull hair with shiny hair,
and helps maintain overall healthy hair.

Leafy, green vegetables are good sources of mineral
sources. Silica can be obtained from raw oats. Iron is
found in dried fruits and meats. The B Vitamins can be
found in foods such as cow’s liver and wheat germ. Iron is
found in raisins, eggs, liver, and whole grain cereals.
Silica is found on the skins of potatoes and cucumbers, and
in bean sprouts.

Remember that if you want your hair to look great, pamper
it, care for it, and feed it properly. Your hair will love
you for it.

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