How to Put On Lotion on Body

Everybody wants to look attractive and elegant. Applying lotion on your body is an excellent way to enhance your beauty and keep your skin moisturised at all times. However, there are certain types of lotions that are very useful for your skin and therefore it is recommended to buy the right type. It is important to properly apply the lotion to gain maximum benefits. Take your time when applying skin lotion to make sure your skin gets all the required nutrients and moisture. Your skin cells can also get dry if do not apply the lotion consistently.


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    Consider applying enough lotion on your hands. It is recommended to do each body part at a time to make sure you don’t use too little or too much lotion. Take your time. Don’t rush putting the lotion and apply body lotion gently and thoroughly.

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    It is best to start from ankles and work your up other part of the body. Consider applying lotion to all parts of the body. Leave your face, hand and feet until the last. It is recommended to apply the lotion in a circular motion rather than an up and down motion. Use your palms to apply the lotion to your skin evenly. Give massage to your muscles prior to applying lotion so it is absorbed into the body.

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    After applying lotion on other parts of the body, consider apply it to your face. It is advised to start from your forehead and then work your way down to your cheeks and chin. Do not forget to apply lotion in circular motion as this can ensure best results. Avoid getting lotion into eyes as this can be extremely painful and irritating. Buy a lotion specifically made for use on face from your local supermarket or skin care shop.

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    Once you are done with applying lotion on your face, next are your feet. Start from the tips of your feet and work your down to the toes. Again, make sure the lotion is applied in circular motion. Apply less pressure on the soft spots of your feet. Do each toe at a time. Let the lotion get dry and then put socks on your feet to avoid losing the lotion. Lastly, massage your hands after applying the right amount of lotion on both sides.

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