Top Bath Products for a Beautiful Body Under $10

When obtaining healthy looking and feeling skin we should not only concentrate on our faces. Every inch of our bodies needs to be nourished, exfoliated, and moisturized to keep us looking our best. The following bath products are extremely simple to make and our enriched with nourishing elements. All you have to do to acquire these fine products instead of going to stores and salons where you will pay an outrageous price is a little time.

Top Bath Products for a Beautiful Body under $10: Calendula Bath Bags
Calendula is the perfect soak for your body. Healthy skin begins with a nice, long , hot bath. Calendula blossoms in the bath can make your body soothed to eliminate dry or chapped skin and can also make your hair shinny and silky. In the bath we need to remove dead cells and trap in moisture. With 1 �½ cup fresh calendula blossom in a lace bag you can stick in you hot bath water and let steep before you step in.

Top Bath Products for a Beautiful Body under $10: Salts for Your Bath
Epsom salts is a great investment for those who are aging. It acts sort if like rubbing alcohol and eases muscle soreness and aches, but, it also helps alleviate harsh pressure and aching in your joints. In a bowl pour:
� 3 cups of Epsom salts
� 2 cups baking soda
â�¢ 1 �½ cup instant dry milk
� 2 cups of (calendula, thyme, bergamot, and lavender) herbs.

Mix thoroughly and add to each bath a �¼ cup (dry measure) to insure skin softening.

Top Bath Products for a Beautiful Body under $10: Bath Oils
For floating oil that clings to the top of you bath water, to make it easy stepping in and stepping out to evenly coat your body, there is a great herbal oil. 4 tablespoons of the following is added to your bath each and every time:
� 1 cup boiling water
â�¢ �¾ cup fresh/dried herbs (anise, calendula, chamomile, lavender, bergamot, lemon balm, rose, peppermint, sage, thyme, fennel, and of course elder flower)
� 3 teaspoons coconut based oil or soap(of any sort shampoo, bubble bath, etc�)
� 3 teaspoons of an essential oil such as lavender (or any other you have on hand�olive oil can even do)

Combine herbs to water and simmer, making this a strong and dark brew, then strain leaving only liquid behind. Combine the following ingredients to this water. Shaking vigorously in a bottle with a tight cap. When you are finished squirt (approximately) 4 tablespoons into running water in your bath. You will feel it coat your body evenly and thoroughly. After only a few hours from the time you get out of your bath, run your fingers across your skin to feel the major difference in softness and smoothness.

Top Bath Products for a Beautiful Body under $10: Conclusion
This concludes this segment of herbal care where top beauty products are concerned. Not only are these bath and body products good for nourishing your skin but they are also a great source for aroma therapy. Aroma therapy can soothe your senses, reduce tension, and even relive headaches due to stress. When taking baths try putting a lavender bouquet or sprinkling dry lavender flower blossoms in your bath water for a completely stress reliving experience. Also, lighting candles and placing them all around your bathroom and turning off the lights aids in the relaxation�If you desire, turn on the radio low and listen to your favorite music. This way all of your senses can be satisfied. Remember to be healthy and happy, you do not need chemicals and skin irritants in order to have glowing and radiant skin.

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