How to Make a Tanning Party

To look attractive and different is a desire of almost everyone. Just like other beauty techniques, tanning is useful as it allows you to get a nice skin tone and look great. Tanning alone is never recommended because you may get bored sitting by yourself. Therefore, with a little planning some basic things you can throw a tanning party and invite your friends.

This way, you will not only obtain a different complexion but you can also have a wonderful time with the people you love to be with.

Things Required:

– Mobile Tanning Sprayer
– Vinyl Tent
– Food and Drinks


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    Put it together

    Watching the nervous expressions of your friends can be extremely hilarious but this is the reason why many people prefer tanning parties instead of going to a tanning salon. In order to make a tanning party fun for your friends, you should rent a mobile tanning sprayer from any local tanning salon for a few hours or a day. You will also want to buy a small vinyl ten as it will help you avoid staining your furniture with the tanning lotion. Remember that no party can ever be complete without some nice food and drinks. You need food and drinks which can be served at the tanning party and suit the overall theme or mood. In order to enjoy the tanning party, it is recommended that you order food from a local restaurant, instead of going through the hassle or cooking at home.

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    Invite friends

    Once you have planned the party and have made all the necessary arrangements, the next major step is to invite your friends and to make sure that all the important people are present on the day. It is recommended that you organise a tanning party on the weekends so that none of your important friends are missing.

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    Ask your buddies to come in the appropriate clothing and bring swimsuits. You need to remember that a tanning party is just like going to the beach, with all the people roaming around in bikinis and shorts.

    You must also ensure that all your friends at the party are comfortable with each other and do not feel shy in exposing their bodies in front of others.

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    Have separate tanning sprayers

    It is important that you have separate male and female sprayers so that both feel comfortable when it is their turn.

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