The Best Hair Braiding Salons in Irvington NJ

Well if you are interested in getting your hair professionally braided then you will want to travel to Irvington NJ. They have the best hair braiding salons in all of NJ. Amina African Braids is a very nice salon. They are located at 1255 Springfield Ave Irvington NJ 07111. The telephone number is 973-371-9292. The hours vary so I would call before making an appointment. They do an excellent job when it comes to braiding hair. Most women who like their hair braided knows that when it comes to braids it has to be done correctly. It is always crowded so make sure to make an early appointment. I look at it this way, if they stay crowded then you know that they do good hair. They will braid any size hair to any length. It is always done very neatly and with minimal pain. Anyone who has ever gotten their hair braided before knows how important it is not to have them braided too tightly. If it is done too tightly then you will have a headache for days. The shop itself is small but they will soon be moving to a much bigger place since the clientele is continuously growing. They also try to keep the shop looking very clean and neat. The people there are great and they make you feel right at home from the moment that you walk in. And if you have never had braids before they will do there best to help you find the right look and instruct you on how to maintain that look. This salon is well worth the money!

Yet another fantastic place to go for hair braiding is Pro -Braids. They are located at 1082 Springfield Ave, Irvington NJ 07111. The telephone number to make your appointment is 973-374-4550. This salon is very efficient and they do an excellent job on your hair. On my last visit my hair came out looking just the way I wanted it, and was not at all expensive. They have a television in the shop that you can watch while you get your hair done. The salon is kept clean, and neat. The staff is also very nice and friendly and makes you feel right at home. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Last but certainly not least on my list of best hair braiding salon’s is Flokay Hair Braiding Salon. They are located at 1225 Springfield Ave, Irvington NJ 07111. The telephone number is 973-375-5150. They are great. When I went here I could not decide exactly what kind of braids I wanted to get. They took the time to help me decide which I really appreciated. The prices are reasonable, and the shop is always very neat and clean. The staff is very friendly and they treat you as if they have known you for years.

When it comes to getting my hair done I am a very picking person, especially when it comes to hair braiding. Hair braiding is an art, and you really have to know what you are doing. I finally found my three favorite shops, which are listed above, after a lot of trial and error. When one shop does not have any available appointments I then choose the next one from my list. If you are looking to get your hair braided and are not sure where to go then give these three a try. You will not be disappointed.

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