Take Care to Choose Correct Colors and Technique when Applying Blush

Choosing the correct shade of blush is probably THE most important element of makeup. Let’s face it – you can spot those wearing the wrong color or incorrectly applied blush from a mile away. The most common mistake with applying blush occurs when people apply too much.

The key to correct blush application is to know how much is too much. First, choose a color that complements your natural skin tones. If you have several colors in your palette, try and mixing and matching to come up with the colors that best suit you. Rosy colors can often complement most skin shades, although for darker skin, neutral beiges and tans are often a better option. The look you are trying to achieve is what your cheeks look like after you’ve been in the cold or just come in from a job. A nice, healthy, fresh rosy look should be the goal. Run the brush over the palette and tap it on a hard surface to remove any extra color. Use a full blush brush in place of the one usually provided.

Smile to make the apple of your cheek more prominent and apply a light dusting over the area in a circular motion. Make sure the blend the blush well to ensure no edges are showing.

You can also do a light sweep of color in an arc shape from the line of the cheekbone by the apple to the edge of the hairline. But this should be a very subtle dusting of color. Remember, with powder blush, only sweep it in one direction to avoid streaks.

Cream blushes are a new trend and last longer than traditional powder blush. If you have cream blush in the same shades of your powder blush, try blending the two shades. Apply the cream blush first and then brush the powder on over the cream for a longer lasting effect. A tip to remember is if you have greasy or combination skin, use powder blush. If your skin is dry, go with a cream blush.

If you find that you’ve applied too much, and you will know if you resemble a clown look, simply take a washcloth with some astringent and lightly run it over the area to tone down the color. You can also apply a light dusting of face powder over the area to tone down the color as well.

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