How to Have a Healthy Face

A healthy face is the one which is vibrant and glowing because the person is in good health, fresh and without any scars or acne. In order to get a healthy face you will have to add some dos and don’ts in your life style. A sleep that is regular and complete and good skin care procedure with the best quality skin products will help your face appear healthy.

Apart from this, a healthy diet also contributes in getting a healthy face. Remember it is important to determine the internal health condition also which is reflected on your face. If you are not healthy from inside then you cannot look healthy from your face. In order to get a healthy face try these tips:


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    Sleep Well:

    To look healthy by face we need to have ample amount of resources in the form of hormones to heal and rejuvenate the cells in our body and also in our face. In this regard sleep plays a vital role that helps our body to produce large quantities of hormones like Erythropoietin and Growth Hormone so that our body has got all the needed stuff to restore good health and revive our body cells the other day. It is important to note that the more we exert in a day the more we need to take sleep for adequate rejuvenation.

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    Have a Balanced Diet:

    In order to get a healthy face, one should maintain a good health first. For this it is recommended to take a balanced diet and include all the healthy food in your meals including meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Apart from that, drinking large amount of water also helps in getting a healthy and fresh face. Avoid alcohol in your diet as it is with liquor that most people do not look healthy by face and have an undesirable puffiness especially around their eyes.

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    Go out for a Walk in Your Nearby Walking Track:

    Make a routine of having a brisk walk in your nearby park or walking track where you are able to breath in fresh air as well. As you precipitate, the waste material will expel from your body making your face glow with freshness.

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    You May Need Vitamin Supplements:

    If you are taking enough sleep and your diet is also a balanced one but still your face looks too dull then take an appointment and visit your doctor. You might be recommended to take some suitable vitamin supplements that may help you rejuvenate your face and overall body health.

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    Use the Best Skin Care Products:

    For a healthy face always buy quality products that can actually glow your skin. For this, first you will have to determine the type of your skin and then pick suitable skin products from your nearby Walmart or some other big store. Some of the most essential products you should always keep in your hand bag are:

    Sun Block: A sun block protects your skin by absorbing or reflecting UVA and UVB rays. Buy a suitable SPF sun block for your skin keeping in view the weather and your skin type. For instance if your skin starts reddening in 5 minutes then multiply this figure with the figure of say SPF 60 given on the sun block packing which means that the sun block can protect you for 300 minutes. Also watch for the product you are going to buy since many sun blocks clog pores which encourages comedones.

    Toners: Buy a suitable toner for your skin and it should be of a good brand. Apply it on your face and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes before applying sun block. This way the sun block cream will not clog pores.

    Cleanser: Cleanser should be according to your skin type. If you have an oily skin or a combination skin it is recommended to get a water based cleanser. For a dry skin, a milky cleanser is applied. While buying a clue to quickly select the cleansers suitable for your face is that a red, blue or a green bottle indicates a water based cleanser while a white bottles indicates a milk based cleanser.

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    Apply Skin Care Products Rightly:

    Wash your face thoroughly with a good cleanser that is not harsh to your skin. Leave it for sometime and then apply a toner on your face excluding the eye area. Leave it for sometime to get your skin settle down. Now apply the sun block.

    Repeat this procedure thrice a day in case the weather during summers.

    If the weather is cold, repeat this once or twice a day at most.

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    Deal the Breakouts on Time:

    If you are having too much breakouts then your face does not give a healthy effect. In order to get rid of the lesions or breakouts, just visit your skin specialist. Applying isotretinoin or rentinoids on your own will cure the problem only temporarily and not from the root.

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    Do Something to Scars:

    If you have a fresh face but you have acne scars then your face wont appear healthy. It is better to see a doctor who will suggest you some suitable medicine or a skin treatment to get rid of the scars on your face. The most common home remedy to combat scars is to mix a tablespoon of lemon juice in 2 tablespoons of warm milk and massage twice a day.

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