Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Loufas

It comes in every shower gel gift pack. It comes in a plethora of colors. Men and women use it to achieve the most lather-rich shower experience ever. That’s right it’s the revolutionary Loufa. (For those of you that didn’t know it actually had a name it’s that puffy thing you probably have hanging in your shower at this very moment that you use instead of a plain ol’ washcloth). But is it really that revolutionary? In short-no. And I’ve got ten reasons why. You might even want to toss yours out immediately. But please, use tongs to handle it. It’s for your own safety.

1. Bacteria build up

Ick! It gives me the creeps just thinking about it. But you likely have one of these bacteria balls in your possession right now, mistakenly thinking it is a cleaning agent. The truth is that once you use this lovely puff it will be crawling with bacteria. Just crawling!

2. Need to wash them frequently to be sanitary

Of course, there is nothing that says you can’t wash them. You can put a few drops of detergent on it and wash it by hand or in the washer. But once you use it again it will be bacteria ridden again. There is no way to keep it sanitary for very long. It requires a thorough washing after every use. Do you really want to put that much time into your loufa?

3. Falls apart easily

Let’s entertain the thought that you don’t have any problem with washing this shower gel gift on a regular basis. Well, the durability factor will still have you beat. It is only attached in the center by the hanging rope and will likely come apart in less than a week of use. And they said all the best things in life are freeâÂ?¦

4. When did lather mean clean?

Lathering is fun I must admit it. But I’m not so sure it really gets you so clean anymore than rubbing a dry bar of soap on your foot. And then there is that washing where the sun doesn’t shineâÂ?¦and you are adding bacteria to the situation that you acquired in the same place last time you showered. Bacteria naturally acquires there to protect you, but it also stays on your loufa.

5. No Scrubbing

There are some areas that you have to scrub, like your feet for instance. You can’t get caked on dirt off from the bottoms of your feet very easily with the flimsy, mesh scrubbing action that a bath puff affords.

6. Doesn’t get an A on appearance

Not to mention that hair is easily caught into the middle and makes the general appearance of it very�well�nasty.

7. Rough Texture

The texture is not soft, that’s for sure. If you rub too hard on sensitive skin it will leave red grazing.

8. Washcloths are a better buy in the long run

I know washcloths seem old fashioned and you should only use them once before washing as well, but they are just tremendously more durable. If you get a good washcloth you can lather with it if you would like and scrub, and you’ll actually be clean afterwards. They hold up much better in your laundry too.

9. No Clue?

Either the Shower gel companies really don’t know loufas are a poorly made product or they know it better than us.

10. Creates more body acne

Because of the bacteria build up you will also be more prone to body acne. Another lovely feature of why you should not buy this product. Hopefully yours was free anyway and you don’t have any qualms against tossing it. But if you did in fact waste a few dollars on a fancy back scrubbing one-my sincerest regrets.

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