Regis Hair Salon

If you’ve been feeling down lately, maybe it’s time to do something nice for yourself. Perhaps go see the latest comedy flick. Or if you are in the area of Glens Falls NY, check out Regis hair salon in the Aviation Mall on Aviation road. A new hair style will not only give you a change but it’ll make you feel better and refreshed. You simply walk in and make an appointment. Often times they will have specials on a board just outside the salon. The salon itself isn’t very large and offers a small waiting area. While waiting for your turn they have magazines with hair styles that you can use to inform your hairstylist what you’re looking for. Often times the waiting period is no longer then 3 minutes.

I had the special of a shampoo, conditioner and haircut. You are whisked away to the back of the salon where you sit and place your head in a cradle with a sink. Quickly your hair is wet down and they start to shampoo your hair. It wasn’t a run down shampoo and there was a good amount of lather. Little advice for women, avoid wearing non water proof mascara or eye liner as the water may spray on you causing your make up to smear. Depending on how tangled your hair is, your hair may be given a de tangling rinse before you are done at the sink.

After you are taken over with a towel to the hair styling chairs. Your hair will be towel dried and asked what style you’d like. What’s amazing about this salon is that I got silk drops and smoothing balm put in my hair to stop the crazy frizz. Plus I had de tangling stuff in my hair and had it professionally style all for only $20.00

Yes, you read it right. Best part is they make sure you’re happy with the work they’ve done before you leave. Tips aren’t mandatory there but it’s appreciated. Oddly enough Regis is a chain hair salon but other ones I’ve been to charge around $34.00 for the same thing I got in the Glens Falls Regis. It was really nice of them to apply silk drops and smoothing balm for free.

If you’re looking for more then just a wash and haircut, they offer much more. If you’re hair is majorly damaged, you can get a deep intensive conditioning treatment for $10.00. They also offer hair coloring starting at $60.00. Times vary depending on length and type of coloring being done so be sure to ask ahead of time what they estimate it’ll take to complete. They also do waxing and can add some color on your eyebrows. Currently they do not carry hair extensions but the one in Albany NY does. If you’re looking for a fun gift, they also have the Regis gift card. Please keep in mind that even though Regis is a chain not every Regis operates the same as far as having a great attitude staff like the one there did.

(518) 798-1222

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