Skin Care Tips for Rosacea Sufferers

In a recent Canadian survey, 2,500 rosacea patients were asked, and 80% said that they wanted to know how to take care of their skin. Nearly 50% revealed that they only use water to clean their skin. Mainly because they tended to avoid other products for fear it will worsen their already bad symptoms. Below are the skin care tips for taking care of your face and skin if you have rosacea.

Clean your face, not with an everyday soap that will cause you irritation and redness, but with a non irritating soap free oil free and fragrance free cleanser. Cephaphil makes a good line. Rinse with lukewarm, not hot and not cold, water and blot with a soft towel.

If you are diagnosed and are on a line of topical treatments such as Metrogel, apply in a thin coating across your face. Allow to dry and then top with a sunscreen of at least 15SPF. Make sure you apply your sunscreen often to avoid redness and irritation.

To add moisture to a rosacea sufferers dry skin, you can put on a water based moisturizer in a cream. Make sure there is no fragrance, lanolin, or other irritants. Choose one with a very light, if any, color.

You can help maintain your skin’s normal healthy state by cleansing and moisturizing your face once in the morning and again before bedtime.

Other tips:

Avoid pulling or scratching your facial skin; do not use loofahs, brushes, hard sponges or rough towels on your face.

Keep your face well protected when outdoors in cold or windy weather; always use a scarf to cover your cheeks and nose.

Avoid skin care products that contain any one of the following ingredients: witch hazel, menthol, peppermint, salicylic acid, eucalyptus oil or clove oil.

Use natural fiber fabrics, other than wool, close to your face or against the skin. Cotton, linen, silk and hemp are soft, breathable and non-irritating.

Choose light, oil-free makeup products.

Drink a lot of water.

Use a humidifier to offset the drying effects of indoor heating.

Reduce your bathing time; use lukewarm, instead of steaming-hot water.

Avoid harsh cleansers and astringents

Skin Care Links: – UK, Calmin brand of skin care items for rosacea sufferers – Face Doctor Complexion soaps – Worldwide distribution, A line of professional skin care products dedicated to those people who have the condition known as rosacea and to anyone who has sensitive skin and the need for mild and soothing skin care. – Complete line of treatment and online store items for rosacea sufferers – Rosacea-ltd III has been a popular product for rosaceans for many years. It consists of two disks that are applied twice daily to a wet/moist face in a gentle circular motion. – ZenMed’s line of rosacea skin support systems. With customer feedback and a Q&A section. Other skin care ailments have a line as well.

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