Skin Care: Are crater sized pores plaguing you? Here are a few tips that may help:

Eggs are not just great to eat, they’re also great for skin care. For large pores, you can use eggs to tighten skin.


1.) First, wash your face. 2.) Take 2 eggs and crack them in a small bowl, removing the yolks 3.) Make sure that you use only the egg whites on your skin because the yellow or yolks contain heavy oil and cholesterol. 4.) After removing the yolks, take a small fork or whisk and stir for 1 minute. 5.) Take a small cosmetic brush to use as an applicator. 6.) Take brush, and CAREFULLY spread the eggs on face on forehead, cheeks, nose area, chin, and in areas that you feel are problem pore places – carefully. Be sure to wrap a towel around your neck area to avoid messes. 7.) Leave egg mixture on face for about 10 – 30 minutes or until dry. 8.) After egg mask sets, rinse your face first with “lukewarm” water and not scolding hot water because if the water is too hot, then you will cook the eggs which will result in you having scrambles eggs on your face and that’s not pretty at all! 9.) The rinse with cold water. I recommend getting a clean bowl of cold water and filling it with about 10 ice cubes for a max chill. 10.) Your skin may feel dry. If this happens, add a non oil moisturizer to it. This will tighten and have a closing effect on your pores.


Lemons are not only great to eat, you can also use lemons for facial care as well and very old method of correcting enlarged pores. Used as an astringent too!

1.) Wash your face with a face wash that is for sensitive skin such as Plain Dove Sensitive Skin Bar of Soap, Cetaphil, or Aveno sensitive skin face wash.

2.) Use lukewarm water to rinse and towards the end of the rinse, use cold water.

3.) Gently pat dry it with towel, do not rub because excessive rubbing stretches and damages skin.

4.) Wait 20 minutes for face to fully dry, allowing pores to shrink on their own.

5.) While you wait on your skin to dry, you can use this time to prepare your lemon juice.

6.) a.) Take a fresh lemon and cut in half. Squeeze into a small bowl or cosmetic container which can be purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply. NOTE : do not use not store purchased lemon concentrate. b.) You can either squeeze the lemon by hand or use a small juicer to extract the juice.

7.) When your skin is dry and lemon mixtures has been prepared, ready for use, take a cotton ball and gently dab the mixtures to absorb juice, or you can use a cosmetic brush. Take the cotton ball and spread the lemon over face. Do not rub the jice into skin, but gently apply. Let lemon naturally soak into face and dry.

8.) Repeat process 3 times a week.


Almond and Oatmeal Scrub.

1.) Take 20 un-roasted almonds & a cup of oatmeal.
2.) Add ingredients to a small blender or chopper.
3.) Add 1/2 cup of milk. you can use whole or skim…
4.) Mix ingredients and apply to face.

Peanut Butter Facial.
For dry flaky skin. Do not use if you have oily skin.

1.) Take any brand of peanute butter, chunky or plain
2.) Mix with oatmeal
3.) Apply to face.

Tired Eyes, Skin, Astringent, Mask: Cucumbers

1.) Cucumbers wheels: Just take a large cucumber and slice two wheels. Apply to eyes.

2.) Take a cucumber and a half of a lemon. Remove the skin of the cucumber. Place cucumber in blender along with lemon juice. Blend to a fine pulp and apply to face.

3.) You can also take the juice from a cucumber and lemon and use as an astringent!

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