A Beautiful Tan: Options to Maintain a Healthy Tanned Complexion All Year Round

It has been said skin appears more healthy when tanned. For many women, tanning has become a mainstream option in obtaining the youthful and healthy appearance. With health concerns linked to the use of tanning beds, obtaining the youthful appearance, while preventing the onset of other health conditions, is a never ending struggle. Examining the various tanning options on the market will provide for a more educated, healthy and glowing tan experience.Indoor

tanning beds have widely been considered the optimal tanning method. However, with common research indicating hte use of tanning beds not only can cause skin cancer but also increases the likelihood of aging, many people are turning to alternatives to the tanning bed option. Of important note, however, is the continued benefit of using tanning beds for individuals who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as this seasonal depressive condition has been shown to improve with the use of UV light in tanning beds or outdoor sun.

In lieu of tanning beds, the use of self tanning products, at home, is a feasible option for many women. While lotions and bronzers vary in cost, the overall health impact, by avoiding ultraviolet rays, far outweighs the adverse effect on the bank account. With self tanning lotions and bronzers, the application is done conveniently in the comfort of home and available in a variety of shades and moisturizing levels. While convenient, the disadvantage to using bronzers and self tanning lotions is found in the application method. Ensuring the right level of application is applied is necessary so as to prevent streaking and an unpleasant tan. Additionally, the chemicals in the lotion, which stimulate the tan within the skin, may be odorous and leave many women self conscious about the results.In

addition to self tanning lotions and creams, the use of tanning pills has recently been considered. While not FDA approved, the tanning pill is considered highly experimental and may, according to some research, cause blindness. By promoting the development of carotenoid in the skin, the pills work to provide a slight tanned appearance all over. Purchasing and using this product, in the United States, is quite difficult due to regulation however, for vacationers internationally, the purchase of the self tanning pill is quite common, but still poses a health risk.When

considering options for maintaining the healthy, glowing tan, the optimal health choice, in today’s market, lies in the use of self tanning lotions and bronzers. By utilizing self tanning lotions and bronzers, the risk of UV ray damage to the skin, attributed to tanning beds, is negated in addition to the potential side effects attributed to self tanning pills. When purchasing a self tanning bronzer or lotion, quality is important. Purchase a high quality product to ensure an even, all over tan, with minimal odor. For more information regarding quality tanning products, visit www.clinique.com

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