Top Mascara Under $10

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, as women, we can certainly help it along a bit. Make-up is a tool which most women use. Sadly for us, it does not come cheap. The “best” make-up is brand name and comes from department and specialty stores. At least that is what we are led to believe. It is not true. Yes, there are many products that are much higher quality that can be purchased in the high end department stores, but it is not the case for all beauty products. I am speaking specifically of Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara.

Mascara is an essential for most women who wear make-up. Some women will not leave the house without mascara on, even if it is the only make-up they have enough time to put on. Mascara can do so much for our eyes and eyelashes. Different formulas will lengthen your lashes, plump them up if they are sparse, add definition to the eye, make eyes appear smaller or larger and much more that I am sure the common woman never even thinks about. Mascara also comes in different colors to either play up the natural eye color or for dramatic effect. The problem is that most of these mascaras on the market claim to do something fabulous and they fall completely short. It is very disappointing to spend $25 on mascara only to have it clump and flake off halfway through the day.

Luckily, we now have Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara. The first time I heard of it was from Queen Latifah on a Cover Girl commercial. I thought it would be wonderful if it were true. My eyelashes are very short and I generally rely on two coats of mascara to give them any length at all. After the second coat, I am left with major clumping. I was skeptical because I have heard it all before. Lash Exact claims, “The clump stops here.” The breakthrough is in the new brush. It is made of flexible bristles to prevent clumping.

There is no special way in which to apply Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara. The magic is in the bottle. A great thing about this mascars is that one coat will suit just fine or add a second coat for a more dramatic evening look. Another thing Cover Girl claims is that the Lash Exact mascara is great for doing lower lashes. Women tend to shy away from this because there is always trouble when you try to apply mascara to the lower lashes. It either ends up all clumps, or smudges under the eye. Of course, we then try to wipe away the smudge which only makes it worse. So, it is better to just avoid the lower lashes period. This is not true with the Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara. It is quite simple to apply to the lower lashes. While I admit to having smudged once or twice in the last few months of using this product, generally it is a very smooth application. Applying mascara to the lower lids adds quite a dramatic flair to the eyes as well as makes them appear larger.

Head on out to the major department store and look for mascara. Chances are there is one that will do the job that Cover Girl Lash Exact does, but it will cost at least $15 more. Now head on over to the local drug store and check out the reasonably priced mascaras. They will claim all sorts of things and some of them may actually deliver. None of them measure up to the quality and the price of Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara. It can be bought for as little as $7. They say that beauty has no price tag, but they were probably rich. For those of us who live on a budget but want to feel and look beautiful without breaking the bank, there is Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara.

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