How to Give Yourself a Quick and Easy Massage

Massage is a pleasant and useful procedure for relaxing all age people, regardless of their occupation since you can get the strain on your back muscles during heavy physical work or by sitting all day in front of a computer. You can get rid of the stress with the help of a massage.

Full body massage includes massage of the arms, legs, abdomen, chest and back. The procedure ensures complete relaxation of the body, stress relief, improvement in the metabolism process and helps other physiological processes in the body. Massage, meanwhile, can be useful in the treatment of many diseases.


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    Before beginning the massage, the patient should lie down on a flat hard surface with arms stretched along with the body and the head turned to one side. Check against various injuries, inflammation and skin rashes. Minor wounds, cuts are not a contraindication for the procedure.

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    Grease the back of their hands with the massage oil and start massaging your back, lumbar, neck and buttocks. Try to go from upside down from the hip to the feet.

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    Start with light massage strokes with both hands. Bend your arms and massage your waist up to the shoulder blades. The back muscles will be warmed up by doing so and hence will become elastic for the subsequent massage.

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    Massage the feet after stretching all fingers with one hand on the center of the foot and the other on its side surface of the foot.

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    Then turn over on your back and start making a circular motion clockwise. Put a cushion under your knees. Begin massage from your feet. Now start doing massage from the feet to the thighs. Then massage the chest and arms (from shoulder to wrist) and ended the session after doing stomach massage.

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