How to Make the Perfect Spa Food

No matter if you are supervising a fitness club, having a spa experience or even preparing for a night at your house, perfect spa food is really important to make this memorable.

All you need to do is to make list of all those things which others want and then short list them. The best thing about spa food is that you can make it well before hand and you just need to enjoy this experience.

I am sure most of the people do not try just because they are unaware of the food items that should be in the list.


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    Vegetable platter:

    Remember, spa food is all about healthy, natural and nutritious food items so the best thing you can offer is a vegetable platter. You do not need to put much effort while preparing this platter. All you need to do is to slice vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli and cauliflower, serve them with blocks of blue cheese and any other dressing.

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    Make Fruit tray:

    Fruits are also really good option to have in the list of spa foods. You can get fresh fruits like apple, pineapple, grapes or strawberries from different stores throughout the season. Cut them to proper size and serve in a platter with tarter sauce or light dipping sauce made with cream and yogurt.

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    Serve some Sushi:

    Sushi is a light Japanese food made of cooked rice with raw fish. You can add this item to our list as it is easy to make. If you cannot cook even then you get it from any good restaurant.

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    Cheese and crackers:

    You can serve cheese along with different kind of crackers. Make it more presentable by garnishing with strawberries and grapes.

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    Sandwiches are another delicious treat for your guests to have during their spa treatment. You can use vegetables, salads, chicken or tuna for the filling. However, make sure that your filling is not heavy. Keep it simple and light.

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    Cold and hot beverages are also important part of spa food. You can serve fresh lime, juices, ice tea as cold drinks whereas coffee, tea, green tea as hot beverages. Another herbal drink is cucumber water which you can make by adding slices of cucumber and lemon into a pitcher of water. Keep it refrigerated and you will be amazed by the taste.

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    Please taste buds of your guests with desserts like fruit smoothies, chocolates, muffins, cheese cakes and other sweet items. Remember to keep the level of sugar to a minimum.

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