How to Launder your Medical Scrubs

You should know how to launder medical scrubs properly. The first and the most important thing is to know about the material they are made of. For example, 100 per cent cotton scrubs need to be washed in cold water. So you should read the instructions for washing the scrub first, which generally are written on the fabric tag stitched with them. You should also add the detergent as per need of the fabric as adding too much detergent can fade out the fabric colour quickly.


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    Cotton Scrubs

    If you are wearing 100 per cent cotton scrub, wash them in cold water. Put your machine's internal water heating system to the bottom low and then wash the scrub. Warm water can damage the cotton scrub. Also, since scrubs are different colours nowadays, their colour can quickly fade out and they look worn out after a couple of uses. Cotton scrubs are the most comfortable to wear while working with patients, so make sure you take proper care of them, or otherwise you will need to change them quickly.

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    Cotton and Polyester Scrubs

    If the scrubs are made of cotton and polyester fabric, use warm water to wash them. Add a very small amount of detergent in the machine before washing the scrubs. To further protect colours and make the scrubs shine after the wash, add a small amount of vinegar in the water before putting your scrubs in the machine. Do not wash these scrubs in hot water as this will destroy the fabric and colour.

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    Drying Scrubs

    It is better to dry scrubs after washing, and if you do not have time for this and want the scrubs ready immediately, use the drier at the lowest tumble. Excessive drying can make the fabric shrink and lose its colours quickly. Since the scrubs are coming in various colours and some of them are very sensitive to excessive exposure to heat and light, drying them on high tumble can affect their colour. Also, do not wash such scrubs in hot water. Use of too much detergent is dangerous as well.

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