Texan Summer Fun at Hurricane Harbor Water Park

As temperatures knock consistently at the door of 100 degrees, access to water and keeping cool becomes essential for summer survival. If you can’t beat the heat of Texas, spend the day at Hurricane Harbor Water Park in Arlington. Loaded with outrageous tube rides and slides, Hurricane Harbor is an ideal way to make it through another day of sweltering heat while having fun with family and friends. This water park boasts inner-tube rides like the Black Hole, where you and a partner share an inner tube specially made for two and speed through a 500 foot black tube that twists, dips, and turns. All of this takes place in complete darkness, thus earning the ride its name.

Other favorites include group rides such as the Tornado, where all four members share a tube that sends them splashing down a long tunnel. This type of ride is less intense and can be handled by nearly every member of the family. However, doubt could creep into your mind from atop Geronimo! Geronimo is a single-person water slide that rockets over 100 feet above the park. The view is beautiful but becomes more threatening the closer you get to the slide’s entrance. Peering over the front edge from a safe distance, one can’t see much of the slide due to its steep pitch. The angle must be around 70 degrees or higher. Riders shoot down at the speed of gravitational pull for five heart-thumping seconds, and are then emptied into a deep pool at the bottom. I’ve never been skydiving, but this felt like it must be close. I would suggest you be sure to cross your legs going down and plug your nose just prior to hitting the pool, otherwise, this ride could be significantly more unpleasant than desired.

With larger crowds certain to attend during hot days, there can be a lot of waiting in line and walking from ride to ride. If you have tender feet, I suggest wearing cheap flip-flops, sandals, or better still, aqua-socks. Removal of footwear is required prior to entering a ride, but it could reduce the pain in your feet during travel. One of the best ways to relax in the park is to drift along the Lazy River. At over a half mile in length, Lazy River loops through the center of the park with water gently propelling its inhabitants. Tubes are available to rent and float on, or you can simply slip in and let the current take you away. This is one of the best methods of transportation to various rides and feels great for the feet.

Hurricane Harbor also has areas for beach volleyball, music concerts, eating, sitting, and other amenities to make the day convenient and comfortable. Admission to the park is about $30 per adult and $10 off coupons are available if you search for them. Plenty of parking surrounds the park, but you must pay for this too. Once inside, the time will fly and you’ll hardly be aware of the temperature, so be sure to slather up with sunscreen beforehand. Hurricane Harbor Water Park is definitely a cure for the summertime blues.

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