Ten Reason Why You Should Not Buy Nivea Creme

I have endlessly dry skin, and I’ve lived in Vegas for a while. Not a pretty picture as you would imagine. And I’m not referring to Vegas, either. Basically the only way for your skin to survive is with lots of water, and lots of lotion. I looked high and low for the thickest and most potent lotions out there. I would recommend some basic body butters, but I wouldn’t recommend Nivea CrÃ?¨me. I purchased it in hopes of its promised enjoyment of the Nivea CrÃ?¨me experience. What I got were ten reasons not to buy it again.


I’m already sensitive to smells and this product smelled like a wash off facial cream. I assume they use this scent in facial creams to remind you to wash it off. There’s no way you would want to endure the mixed tar and Noxzema odor much longer. But if smells don’t bother you that much, than let me give you a few more points to consider. You’ll love this next one.


While I expected that it would be a thick texture I wasn’t prepared for just how thick this was. It was the consistency of cookie batter without the chocolate chips. For something that is supposed to be a luxurious lotion experience I thought I’d need a knife to spread it.


Due to the nearly solid form of this lotion to apply it was to cut off air to your skin. It felt like you were suffocating in places you didn’t think could need air. I liken it to being mummified alive. Heaven forbid you use it on your face.

4. Tell-Tale prints

As you would expect from a product so heavily oiled it was very greasy. Anything you touched afterwards was slimed with a grease print. Everyone in your household could see where you’ve been.

5. Forget washing it off

Because it is oil-based it is very difficult to wash off. You first need to wipe it off with a paper towel and then rinse it with soap. But even then there are traces of the odor and the grease.

6. Grease ball rolling

Shiny skin can be attractive, but greasy skin is just�well, greasy.

7. Soft touch

Having dry skin I didn’t think there was such a thing as ‘overly moisturized;’ but Nivea nailed it right on the head with this one. My skin was so moisturized after spreading this stuff on it that I felt as if I pushed down on the surface my fingers would sink in. What’s the use of having soft skin when no one wants to come near you because you smell, are greasy, and your skin is amorphous?

8. Doesn’t work where it counts

I decided to stop using it on my legs and arms and use it on my heels. That’s what really needed it anyway. But when I suffered through applying a generous amount at night, by the morning my heel would be dry. My one last hope for its use was shattered into a million dry flaky pieces.

9. Too expensive

I purchased Nivea Cr�¨me in a 6 oz jar for $8.00 on sale. You could buy a pleasant smelling, working lotion for that or less, and in a larger quantity.

10.Body butters still rule

I thought maybe this product could replace body butters for me. What it really did was prove to effectively market them even more than before. If you are looking for something extra strength try The Body Shop’s line of Body Butters. Surprisingly, the Coconut one is not as greasy as Nivea CrÃ?¨me even though it unabashedly contains coconut oil.

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