A Review of the Rubber Clogs Called Crocs

I can’t go a day without my Crocs, I have had them for about a year and I wear them everyday and eventhough the tread is starting to wear a little and the color doesn’t match most of my outfits, I can’t help bu wear them. Crocs you say? what is or are they you think… let me tell you… at first glance these rubber clogs may look funny to you, even odd, you may think why would anyone wear them? well there are alot of reasons why people wear and love their crocs.

Crocs are a mix of clogs and comfort that are made of a patented closed-cell resin that is said to be warmed by your feet so they soften and mold to their shape. The molded material is extremely lightweight, cushy and has a built-in arch support and anti-slip soles. Also it is anti-microbial and you can get them dirty, then rinse them off. When you get them wet at the beach or out on the lake they dry fast and without any damage or smell.

Crocs have an anti-slip and anti-marking sole. I love the light weight and sometimes i even find myself forgetting that I have them on. I wear them indoor, around the house, out to stores, to work, around the garden, around the yard, out to dinner, to the lake, on rainy days, to the beach, to mall, out for walks around town, pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I have even worn them out into the snow. Crocs comes in a wild rainbow of colors and that grabs everybody’s attention. I often get comments and questions like, are those the rubber shoes? are they really comfortable? where did you get them? wow! what are they? can I see them? and so on.

Another thing I really like about Crocs is the airiness that they have, it is similar to flip-flops, but there is added foot and toe protection for walking on rocks or just doing active things, plus the foot and arch support makes a big difference over the standard flip flop.

Some interesting information about Crocs include the fact that they float, I tested mine in a lake. They are very easy to clean, even a 6 year old could do it. They come in almost every color you could imagine and 5 or so styles. They cost around $30 and will last you for over 200 miles hiking on a trail, now that’s a bargain. At many hospitals over 1/2 of the staff wears crocs. They were originally designed as a light, waterproof, slip resistant boat shoe. Many individuals including myself claim that crocs make you feel like you’re walking on marshmallows. Crocs were created in Boulder Colorado in 2002.

I can’t live without my Crocs and I guarantee once you try them on you will feel the same way to. You can find them all over the place, from sporting and boating stores to Wild Oats, or just get them on Crocs.com.

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