Tips for Measuring and Finding the Right Bra

You may think you are wearing the perfect bra but you should measure yourself just to be sure.

First, wrap a tape measure behind your upper back, using your underarms as an anchor, and around to your sternum. This is your band size.

Take a looser measure across the fullest part of your best. Subtract your band size from this new measurement. Use that number to find your cup size in the chart below:

1 inch = A
2 inches = B
3 inches = C
4 inches = D
5 inches = DD
6 inches = DDD

Adjust the bra straps. Loosen or tighten them according to your needs.

When you are trying on a new bra, fasten it on the middle clasp. If it feels comfortable, this will give you a little free room in the event that you gain or lose weight.

Smooth out twisted straps. Tangled straps affect the way the bra sits and looks under your clothes. Pick a specific time to check your measurements annually. They can change over time.

If you want to minimize a big bust, purchase a bra with thick straps. These won’t dig into your shoulders and will help support extra weight. High-cut cups will give more coverage so your breasts won’t flop out of them. A bra with more structure in the center in front will help with support and keep your breasts from separating and sagging.

To support small breasts, a foam fabric material will shape to your breast and fill out cups. Molded cups will give shape and structure. Center and side panels will sit flat against your body so wrinkles won’t show through your shirts.

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