How to Care For Your Eyeglasses

A lot of investment goes into finding the right pair of glasses to go with your eyesight and a frame that complements your face structure. You spend a handsome amount, browse for frames and spend considerable time to get this pair.  If you have a weak eyesight, your eye glasses have a very important part in your life. You need them for  reading, playing, driving and every other normal activity. Eyeglasses are very fragile and are prone to breakage on the slightest of impact and so demand great care. If you take proper care of your eyeglasses, you can prolong their life, save money and trips to the optics. There are simple things that you have to do to make them last for a long time.


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    Care for the lens:

    Whenever you are not using your glasses, place them in their case so that the lens is kept safe. Get a case which opens and closes instead of the a pouch where you slide in the glasses because cases are more safe. Do not put your glasses face down on any hard surface because the lens can get scratched very easily. When you have to wipe your lenses, do so with an optical cleaning cloth available with optics. However, do not rub on dry lens. Wet them a bit with warm water and then wipe them dry and clean. If your glasses have gone dirty, use sprays and cleaners made especially for cleaning lenses. Let them air dry or do so with the optical cloth. Avoid using any paper towel, tissue or hard cloth.

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    Care for the frame:

    It is a normal habit to take off your glasses from one hand. This way the frame of the glasses is pulled from one side and gets disoriented. Take off your glasses using both hands. It is better to grip them on the bridge between the lenses.Avoid letting other people try on your eye glasses because the shape can get altered and the frame also gets loose. It will not custom fit you any longer. Do not put the glasses on the top of your head. It is advised to get the glasses adjusted every six months so that they stay in shape and do not come of loose. The optics who made them for you will usually do this maintenance job.

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