How to Use a Beard Trimmer Properly

It gets irritating to shave everyday as it uses your time and effort. Men prefer keeping a small beard as it is not only easier to take care of but also looks trendy. However, growing beard or facial hair may look gross until you take proper care of them. You need a beard trimmer in order to maintain and groom your facial hair.

Beard trimmers are easier and quicker to use as compared to regular razors. Its length can be adjusted giving you different styles of beard. The trimmer guard which comes along the trimmer help you in adjusting the length of the beard you want to cut.

Things Required:

– Mirror
– Trimmer


  • 1

    Choose the length and style

    First of all need to decide what style of beard you want and of what length.

  • 2

    Trim neck hair

    You should trim your neck hair in order to give a clean look to your beard. You need to remove the trimmer guard so you can cut all the hair from your neck.

  • 3

    Adjust the trimmer guard’s length

    You need to adjust the trimmer guard for the length of beard you want to have. In case you do not know what length of guard trimmer to set then you can always adjust it to high and use it. After that slightly reduce the length of the guard trimmer and repeat the process until you are satisfied or find the exact size of the beard hair you want to leave.

  • 4


    Next you need to trim your beard. Remember to trim it slow and steady upwards strokes. By moving the trimmer in upward direction, your hair will stand up.

  • 5

    Apply shampoo and conditioner on your beard

    You should apply shampoo and conditioner to your beard in order to maintain and smooth it. Remember to apply this on regular basis.

  • 6

    Dispose the clipping

    After you have trimmed your beard, remember to properly dispose the hair fallen. Place a waste basket under you so the clippings may fall in them.

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