Top Hair Salons in Ithaca, New York

Women and men love to look their best. Whether you are interested in just a plain old hair cut or some additional hair style services, Ithaca is full of quality hair salons. Below is a summary of four popular hair salons in the Ithaca, New York area.

(1) Innovations Beauty Salon is a top of the line salon located at 114 North Cayuga Street in downtown Ithaca.

Some of the services offered at Innovations Beauty Salon includes hair cuts and most forms of styling. A wash, haircut, up do style, perms, coloring, and highlighting are all performed here. Other forms of beauty care include waxing, makeup applications, facials, and manicure treatments. There are ten different styles of hair removable procedures available, all by waxing. Gift certificates make a great treat for a special occasion or holiday and Innovations Beauty Salon has them available for purchase.

To schedule an appointment or to acquire more information about the beauty services offered and their prices, please call (607) 273-5008. Innovations Beauty Salon also has an online website that can be found by visiting

(2) Acute Style is a hair salon located at 147 Dryden Road in Ithaca New York.

Acute Style and their services are popular among college students in the Ithaca Area. Acute Style is conveniently located close to the campus of Cornell University and is within a reasonable driving distance from Ithaca College. The services offered at Acute style include, but are not limited to, haircuts, hair styles, highlighting, hair removal, and nail services.

For more information on the services offered at Acute Style, please contact the staff at (607) 277-4969.

(3) Regis Salons is a national known hair salon with a salon located in the Ithaca area. The Regis Salon is located at 40 Catherwood Drive, inside the Pyramid Mall.

All hair consultations are free at Regis Salons. Appointments are not required; however, they may reduce your wait time. Perms, coloring, highlighting, cuts, styles, and additional hair care services are offered at this location. The Ithaca location is popular because you can get your errands completed before or after your hair appointment.

For more information of the whole Regis Salons company, visit their website at You may also call the Ithaca salon at (607) 257-1233.

(4) Crystal’s Spa and Salon is a popular place for rest and beauty in the Ithaca area. Crystal’s Spa and Salon is currently located at 2149 North Triphammer Road in Ithaca, not far past the Pyramid Mall entrance.

Some of the hair care options available at Crystal’s Spa and Salon include washes, styling, updos, straightening, perms, coloring, highlighting, cuts, and more. In addition to the hair care services, the salon offers sunless tanning, scrubs, and other body care procedures.

For more information on the services offered at Crystal’s Spa and Salon, please visit their online website at You may also schedule an appointment, by calling (607) 257-3334.

There are various hair salons located throughout the Ithaca area; however, these are salons that are popular among area residents. Crystal’s Spa and Salon and Regis Salons are conveniently located in upper Ithaca, near the Lansing area. Acute Style and Innovations Beauty Salon are both located in the downtown section.

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