The Top 5 Body Exfoliants and Scrubs for Fall

As fall arrives and the humid summer sun becomes dry, skin becomes needy and nags us for attention. All of a sudden, it becomes intensely clear that our skin is looking for a change in wardrobe just as much as the rest of us by not-so-casually peeling and dehydrating. This potentially catastrophic episode is skin’s way of telling us that we’d better start paying attention to our soon-to-be-sandpaper skin otherwise we’ll be spending fall and winter only dreaming of wool and cashmere sweaters instead of actually wearing them.
Unfortunately, going to shop for body scrubs and exfoliants is just about as easy as finding needle in a haystack. Here, we present the best of the best in skin and wallet-pleasing, glow-enhancing body scrubs, perfect for our sunny commute into fall.

ORIGINS True Grit�®:
Who needs a loofah when you have a scrub as fabulous as the Origins brand True Grit? Slathering your body with this French Peppermint scented cream is similar to taking a gigantic loofah and wrapping yourself in it for a few days. Especially great if you’re not into frilly fruit scented body creams. (16.50,

CLINIQUE Sparkle Skin Exfoliator:
For those of us who don’t really care about smelling like a fruit-basket or an herb-farm, Clinique offers a simple, to-the-point scrub that will leave you with that just-buffed, glowing look that screams “healthy skin.” ($18.50,

THE BODY SHOP Africa Spa Salt Scrub:
Talk about lathering yourself in luxury! This salt formula may initially feel like, well, exactly what it is – rubbing salt on your body (even though it also includes Shea Butter and organic beeswax). However, the results of such a simple-seeming action include, but definitely are not limited to softer skin, luminous glow, and lasting, mild floral scents from the highly reputable The Body Shop. ($24,

KISS MY FACE Rough Thyme Gentle Exfoliant:
This 100% organic exfoliating scrub probably has enough herbs in it to start your own garden! The best part is, though, that each and every element of this body scrub is good for you – from the jojoba wax beads to the cinnamon leaves! For those of you concerned about the wellbeing of our 4-legged friends as well as your skin – this product contains no animal products and doesn’t test on the little buggers, either! If you’re looking for a wholesome, thorough exfoliant – it doesn’t get better than this. ($9,

ORGANIC FIJI Sugar Polish, Lavender:
Want a sweet escape for you and your skin? How about taking a bath with sugar – no, really! Organic Fiji has developed a formula using pure cane sugar and coconut oil that gently exfoliated without that bitter sting that some creams give you. It even comes with a little scoop inside the jar that perfectly measures how much you’ll need for each part of your body! Lavender works into the mix to relax and sooth your senses while you sooth that gorgeous skin! ($19.50,

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