Alternative Treatments to Prevent and Cure Gingivitis

Gingivitis makes your gums red and puffy and they bleed when you brush them. Gingivitis is caused by the buildup of plaque. However, brushing and flossing may not completely get rid of plaque and may not even prevent gingivitis. However, there are some helpful alternative treatments to prevent and even cure gingivitis. You can brush and floss until you get arthritis in your hand it still won’t completely eliminate all of the bad bacteria that buildup on your teeth.

To get rid of those germs, use salt and baking soda when you brush. What you do is to pour �½ pound of baking soda and a �½ pound of salt into a cup. Add warm water to fill the cup, and shake thoroughly, wait until you see a small layer of salt and baking soda forming at the bottom of the cup. Make sure you have a complete salt solution, if not, add more salt and baking soda until you do. Add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to help kill the nasty germs and to purify the gums. Fill an oral tube with the solution and point the tip of the tube on each tooth using a circular motion. Poke the tip of the tube gently on the gum without swallowing the solution. Then add 1 cup of water to the cup after each use, which will allow enough solution for you to repeat this process ten times. Start the process with a new batch each time. This alternative treatment will help prevent and cure gingivitis.

Herbs and essential oils are very good in reducing swelling and inflammation of gingivitis. To cure gingivitis, combine 2 �½ ounces of Echinacea, thyme, and cinnamon bark, along with four to six drops of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint oil. Also, add four to six drops of vegetable glycerin to this mixture. Dip a toothpick into the mixture and gently clean the gap between each tooth. This process is not painful. Gently move the toothpick just below the gum line of the tooth. Perform this alternative treatment each night before you go to bed. To help prevent and cure gingivitis, you can use this mixture as a mouth rinse, when brushing, or using as an irrigator.

To prevent and cure gingivitis this alternative treatment can be used effectively. Use a magnetized oral irrigator, which works like a magnet removing the plaque or bacteria that has built up on the teeth. Some other alternative treatments to prevent and cure gingivitis have nothing to do with your teeth. If you brush and floss and still have plaque buildup, it could be your digestive system. Eating spicy and hot foods can cause your stomach to create toxic gases that flow upward damaging the tissues of the gum. Too much protein in your diet can cause your salvia to accept more gum destroying bacteria. Go easy on the caffeine, sugar, and alcohol.

The following supplements can help to prevent and cure gingivitis. Take more Vitamin C, which works to strengthen your immune system. Coenzyme Q10 boosts your circulation and reverses gingivitis. Pycnogenol can increase circulation to the gums by dilating the blood vessels and working against inflammation. Glucosamine Sulfate can help rebuild damaged gums caused by gingivitis. Aloe works to soothe your gums but make sure you have the type that is safe to swallow. Mix 1 tablespoon of the gel with �½ cup of warm water, rinse your mouth for 30 seconds, and spit out. Use this alternative treatment three or four times a day to help prevent and cure gingivitis.

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