Axe Deodorant Body Spray for Men

Axe Deodorant Spray for men is a wonderful-smelling spray that is used not only as a deodorant but as an all-over refresher. I was introduced to Axe when my teenage nephew came to visit a couple of years ago. I noticed that he always smelled so good when I was near him. I commented to his mom – my sister – that he always smells so great. She said it was the Axe Deodorant Spray.

I now buy Axe Deodorant Spray for my own son who is still at home. He uses it everyday and I always think he smells terrific. He doesn’t like to use anything else, so I guess it meets with his approval as well. Since he’s been wearing it I’ve heard him get compliments many times from others.

Axe comes in many different scents: Phoenix, Essence, Tsunami, Kilo, Orion, Voodoo, Touch, and Apollo – each with it’s own personal distinction. Spray on underarms, clothing, shoes – anywhere – for a fabulous smell all day long.

When you first spray Axe on, the scent is a little overpowering, but the strength quickly subsides leaving a unique smell that’s pleasant and not too strong. Axe is sold in a 4 oz can and a little goes a long way. The price is between three and four bucks, depending upon where you shop. You can also purchase Axe in gift sets.

Axe makes many other products like solid anti-perspirant, shower gel, and shower scrub. The ingredients include SD Alcohol 40B, Butane, Hydrofluorocarbon 152A, Fragrance, Isopropyl Myristate.

Some products are not suitable for certain individuals. If you notice burning, itching or redness where you’ve sprayed Axe, discontinue use. Be careful not to spray in eyes. Order the spray online or check your local drug stores or department stores for the Axe line of products.

Axe is a good product at a decent price and will there’s a scent to please most any man. Each scent comes with a recommendation, depending upon the type of man who may wish to try the product. For example, the Phoenix scent is recommended for the easy-going guy-next-door type of personality.

You’ll be pleased with the Axe products as deodorants/anti-perspirants as well as a body spray. It’s also good for spraying on sheets to give them a fresh scent between washes.

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