How to Select a Curling Iron

Curling iron is a must have item in your collection these days. However, buying a new curling iron for your hair can turn out to be a really tough job. Buying an item for your beauty selection isn’t easy at all and there are several things that should be kept in mind before purchasing a particular item.

In case of a curling iron, there are several factors that should be kept in mind before paying for the item. You need to check the type of iron as there are a lot of curling irons in the market but you should buy the type which is more suited to your hair. In addition to that, you need to check the material of the item as well as the brand and features of the curling iron before making the final call.


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    Choose the right size

    The first thing you need to know about a curling iron is its size. Before purchasing a curling iron, you need to pick the right size of the iron. You should pick the item depending on the size of your hair and the amount of curls you want to give to your hair.

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    Big waves

    The biggest of the curling irons, this type of iron creates long and loose waves and it is recommended for long hair.

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    Slight waves

    Slightly small in size as compared to Big Waves, this type of curling iron is best for creating nice soft waves.

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    Big curls

    If you want to add big curls to your hair, this is the type for you. It is recommended for long hair but is equally efficient for short hair as well.

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    Tight curls

    You can achieve perfect ring curls using this type of curling iron.

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    Choose the right type

    After size, the most important thing about curling irons, is its type. There are different types of irons available in the market but you need to pick the one that is more suitable to your hair.

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    Marcel irons

    This type of iron is designed for professionals.

  • 8

    Spring-loaded clamp irons

    Arguably the best iron if you are buying it for everyday use.

  • 9

    Curl wands or sticks

    Very easy to use and understand.

  • 10

    Specialty irons

    If you are looking for extra style, this is the type for you.

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    Additional options

    Apart from size and type of a curling iron, there are few additional features like barrel type and control features that should be checked before selecting a curling iron.

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