Sunless Tan Products

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, affected by most sunless tanning products. Coppertone produced the first sunless tanning product – Quick Tanning Lotion. After, applying to the skin, the lotion product caused the skin to reflect an orange appearance. Subsequently, other sunless tan products were marketed, included tanning pills, self – tan lotions sprays, and cosmetic bronzers. Some of these products require up to 45 minutes to an hour, before seeing any results. These products don’t provide any protection from tanning beds and UV rays from the sun, which has been linked to skin cancer. Advisable applying sun – screen protection, spending time in the sun. Also, some people maybe sensitive to sunless tan products, which can cause skin irritation or allergy.

Bronzers a make-up applied to the skin, and available as a powder, cream or lotion. These are color additives approved by Food and Drug Administration for cosmetic use, which stains the skin or consider water soluble pigments applied to the skin. The skin reflects distinguishable gold / bronze color, looks natural, and available in various shades. Application of loose powder is easier to control. Apply bronzers with a circular motion, avoids streaking (especially around knees, elbows, and heels). A moisturizer can be added to lighten the tint. Bronzing gels are easier to apply than self – tanners and allow more control over the intensity of the color. The make-up can easily be removed with soap and water. Brand names of bronzers includes: Neutrogena, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Yves Rocher, Victoria Secret, and Lancome. According to Kate Durant of Maybelline New York “Every skin tone can be hold bronzing color. Just remember the darker the skin tone the darker the bronzing color should be.”

Tanning Towelette is quick application for a natural tan. Towelettes are small size to carry any were conveniently and stored in luggage or a carrying bag. Also simple to use and dries in seconds. After applying application, advisable to wash your hands with soap and water. Estee Lauder produces Skincare Self – Tan towelettes, which is available: 2.4 oz in 10 towelettes. Also, Tan Towel Plus Self Tanning Towelettes – 10 Pack, manufactured by TanTowel. Other similar tanning towellettes are available for sale.

Air brush Tanning gives an even tan. The tan lasts approximately five to ten days, depending on your life style and skin type. Tanning solution is airbrushed, onto the surface of the skin, by a skilled specialist, which takes a least a few minutes, at a salon. Also, available for home use, purchasing tanning aerosol sprays. The Food and Drug Administration approved the ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone) used in air brushing tanning, reacts with the proteins in the skin to create a tan up to five to eight hours later. According to American Academy of Dermatology,
DHA is most effective product for sunless tanning. Some people may have an allergic reaction to this ingredient and may experience a rash, should be seen by a doctor or dermatologist. Recommend before application: Customer skin be clean, dry and exfoliated (shave any area of exposure to be air brushed) Any oil residue on the skin effects the process of air brush tanning or prevent from tanning the skin. Applying a moisturizer will allow even absorption of the tanning mist. Apply Vaseline with a Q-tip over an area not wanting to tan. After the mist application, remove the Vaseline. Customers have the option during Air Brush Tanning to be nude, topless or wearing a bikini, during the processes, depending the client desire for exposure. Those with long hair should use clips. Preferably avoid wearing hair caps because unwanted tan lines on forehead, neck and ears, could be appear, after air brush application. When applying Air Brush, customer should stay away, from the tanner about six inches, and about ten PSI (pounds per square inch) set on the air compressor. The application should start from then ankle and work the up through the thigh. Arms should be extended, bend to expose all sides of the arm, and inside of the elbow for creases. When applying to the face, make sure eyes are closed. Stretch marks will be covered by airbrush tanning. Entire body application may require two or three ounces. Recommend waiting ten minutes to dry.

Tanning pills contain canthaxanthin, after consuming large quantities, causing the skin to become orange-brown in color, and the same discoloration for the internal organs. The Food and Drug Administration has approved this ingredient in food color additive but not for a tanning agent. Canthaxanthin tanning pills have been linked to dangerously causing hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and canthaxanthin retinopathy (formation of yellow deposits on the retina of the eye). Canthaxanthin Retinopathy may take 25 to 60 months for complete recovery, according to the August 1993, issue of American Pharmacy, Darrell Hulixz, Pharm D., and pharmacist Ginger Boles, describing this condition.

Bronzers and brush tanning are not perfect sunless tan products. After applying a bronze application to the skin, may not be evenly distributed and may rub off onto clothing, car seats, and furniture. Inability to notify the tanner of an uneven coverage, by the time the brush tanning solution dried. The patented Flawless Sunless Tanning System provides a tanning solution and six inch portable ultraviolet light. After applying the solution, the light is used to check the application coverage, which detects on the surface of the skin, any adjustments, for an even tan is necessary, before it’s too late. After application, recommended by the manufacture to allow six to eight hours before exercising, showering or swimming in chlorinated pool, which gives enough time to fully set. A six ounce bottle of the application solution, generally expected to get three to four body treatments, depending on body size, dryness of skin and body hair. The Flawless tan lasts between five to ten days. The illuminated light operates on a four “AA” batteries. This product has received nation recognition on CBS, FOX, NBC, and Warner Brother’s networks.

Every 35 – 45 days, outer layer of the skin naturally regenerate or millions of cells are worn away. The epidermis is completely replaced. Natural tans fade, and self – tanning products need to be reapplied, after the regeneration period.

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