How to Give Yourself a Head Massage

Giving yourself a head massages is one of the most excellent and likely ways to keep up with fine health. It is a best prescribed activity to free your head from the various tensions and stress that grab your mind throughout the day. Head Massage nicely boosts (stimulates) your mental functioning and as a result, it helps in smooth blood circulation in the scalp area. Moreover, it is also useful in keeping your hair healthy as the hair oil thoroughly penetrates into the roots of your hair by proper massaging. This simple activity doesn’t require any privacy to carry out. You can give yourself a head massage anytime and anywhere you want, keeping all the clothes on. So, are you ready for it?


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    Before you Start the Head Massage

    In order to enjoy a soothing head massage, sit in a proper comfortable position and relax your mind from all tensions and stress. All you have to do is, sit on a comfortable chair or bed and set your head in comfortable position. Now you have to warm your hands as it helps in making the head massage a more pleasurable experience for you. Simply rub both of your hands together very swiftly until you feel warmth in your palms. Keeping rubbing your hands together and close your eyes. Here you are, all set to give yourself a nice Head Massage.

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    Start with Neck Stretching

    Put both of your warm hands on your neck’s trapezius muscle on both sides, the ones that join your neck to the shoulder – as shown in the figure. Now smoothly start left and right stretching, softly pressing your fingertips and drawing them out. Carry out this simple massage a few times on both sides of your neck.

    Keep both of your hands on both sides of your shoulders and keep on forward-backward stretching in very dawdling motion with minimum pressure. Get on with this uncomplicated stretching activity, trying alternative rotations – first in a clockwise direction and then in an anti-clockwise direction. Repeat it a few times.

    Benefit: This Massage nicely sets your glands and lymph nodes into action for smooth blood flow.

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    Shoulders’ Squeezing

    Position your right hand on the left shoulder and lightly grab its muscle (trapezius muscle) in between your palm and fingertips, now softly wring its muscle, squeezing it and then releasing it bit by bit. Continue if for 3 to 5 minutes with the same shoulder and hand. Now, shift to the right shoulder and use the left hand in the same manner to squeeze it for 3 to 5 minutes.

    Benefit: It releases your tension and stress smoothly and relaxes your mind.

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    Neck Squeezing

    Place any one hand’s palm on your back neck (nape) and use a moderate force to soothingly squeeze its muscle. Carry it out 10 to 15 times at least.

    Benefit: This Massage helps in relaxing your neck muscles and greatly boots your blood circulation in brain area.

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    Eyebrow Friction

    Place the middle or index fingers on both hands right in the center of your eyebrows. Press them lightly and start gentle rubbing by the side of your entire eyebrows and carry on until you reach the end of the sphenoid bone.

    Once you reach the end of the sphenoid bone, explore a tiny cavity (hollow space) and do a brief circle fingertip friction.

    Benefit: It is the most excellent massage to do away with any type of headaches and fatigues.

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    Ear Massage

    Grab both of your ears with the help of the index finger and thumbs and pull the in the backward direction, apply sensible force.

    Now, use the index fingers and thumbs of both hands to grip the both ear lobes and pull them in the downward direction with light force. Hold for 2 to 3 seconds and release smoothly.

    Position your thumbs on the bones at the back of both ears and move them in the downward position right towards your neck until they meet the shoulders, exerting very moderate force. You can apply some massage oil to the specific area of your thumbs to carry out this massage.

    Benefit: These Massages trim down the stress, tension and pressure. Additionally, they boost your digestion process and greatly adjust your overall body temperature.

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