How to Choose Between Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Are you curious about the procedures that are avilable to improve your skin”s appearance? Perhaps you’d like to try a procedure but are confused by all the different options available. In this article, I will compare and contrast two of the most popular and talked about options,. microdermabrasion and chemical peels. If you considering possibly trying either of these treatments, read on.

Chemical peels come in three categories: light, (sometimes called superficial) medium and deep.
They all have one thing in common, they literally remove the top layer of skin.

A light peel is generally considered quite low risk. There will be a slight pinkness to the skin , but this faeds very rapidly. Most people return to a normal skin color later the same day. There really is no recovery period. There are do-it-yourself peels available for home use. Avon, Neutrogena, Therapy Systems and Ellen Lange offer these kits. They are very affordable.
While an at home kit is not quite as effective as a professional light peel, it is something you can try. It can be used as a “preview” to see how well your face responds to the treatment…Results for a professional light peel usually last about six months. Prices for a light peel should be around $175. I do advise shopping aroound prices vary widely

A medium peel works the same way, it simply peels to another level. You can expect some swelling, which will last from seven to ten days. As you would expect it not only addresses lighter wrinkles, but ones that are more deeply ingrained. If the week’s recovery time does not put you off, you will enjoy noticeable skin improvement with a medium peel. You will noticeably “look younger”. Expect people to comment on it and ask. You can expect the benefits to last for a year or two. The procedure is repeatable at that time. A medium peel is brushed on and the procedure takes about an hour. On this one preocedure in particular, I found a whole host of prices ranging from $500 to $1,500. I would recommend someone who is experienced with the procedure. The chance of scarring is extremely small…. as long as it is done correctly.

A deep peel is a serious medical procedure. It is done inpatient, in an operating room under full sedation and with a heart monitor. It removes numerous layers of skin and requires an extensive recovery time. An individual who has this procedure would want to wear a foundation to mask pinkness that will take three to six months to fade.

Some are willing to have the procedure because the results last for often up to a full twenty years. One consideration , not often mentioned, is that ther new skin surface of your face will not tan. If you want to “match” the rest of your body, say your shoulders, you must wear sunblock on them.. This in patient procedure can only be performed by a qualified physician. With a doctor, anesthesia costs and an operating room expect to pay at least a few thousand. The seriousness demands you pick a physician who has performed many such procedures.

Microdermabrasion is done by spraying fine crystals onto the surface of the skin. The purpose of this is to remove dead skin cells perching on the upper layer of skin. Though painless, it will give you a pnk hue. This lasts a short time. The cost is low ( perhaps as low as 90 dollars) but the intention of a dermabrasion is not the same as a peel. This procedure is done in order to give the skin a lighter, brighter appearance. It’s aim is a rosy glow, not a change in skin surface appearance. Wrinkles or skin discolorations are not noticeably improved by dermabrasion. Some may see this as a plus, if you do not wish to change skin texture, just look rosier, this could be the procedure to try. For example, maybe you want to look well rested for a special occassion.

If you do want to change the appearance of your skin, a peel is the way to go.What level of peel is up to you. It all depends on your goals, the extent of skin damage you wish to reverse and what you are willing to pay in money..and recovery time. Many tout dermabrasion as an appearance changer, but this is just not so. I hope i have given you some information to help in your choice and understanding of your options.
Feel good!

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