Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Many of us seek all sorts of sun-free ways to get a nice, glowing tan but Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer makes it easy now to have that perfect tan without a lot of time and money. Forget tanning booths, spray-ons, and endless applications of other lotions – Jergens does away with all of that.

Jergens Natural Glow is available in two different shades, one for light skin and one for dark skin. They’re easy to apply, just smooth on like lotion. It does have a smell somewhat similar to other no-sun tanning products but the odor doesn’t linger all day, like with some other products.

You’ll notice a nice tan the first time you apply Jergens Natural Glow, but after using it a few times, your tan will deepen considerably. Because of this, you can control how deep you want your tan by how often you apply the lotion.

I tried Jergens Natural Glow because my sister recommended it. It costs between $5 and $8, depending upon where you shop. It comes in an easily-dispensable tube and will provide several complete body applications.

Another fabulous thing about the Jergens Natural Glow is that you can use it just to cover areas of the body that don’t seem to tan as easily, such as legs, underarms and belly. The color will last for several days before you need to reapply. But, the tan will gradually fade if you don’t reapply at least once a week.

Don’t use the Jergens Natural Glow immediately before or after a shower. The product works better if you wait a couple of hours after bathing, and at least 4 hours before showering. After applying the lotion take extra care to wash your hands thoroughly so that you have no orangish color to the palms of your hands. Especially wash between the fingers really well.

When applying Jergens Natural Glow, use sparingly on places like elbows, heels, face, ears, and knees or you may see some darker patches than on the rest of your body. Apply just as you would lotion, that is, don’t try to get a really deep tan by using a whole lot of lotion in one application.

Using a lotion applicator for your back will help to get an all-over tan from Jergens, or just use the lotion on skin that is seen everyday, like legs or face. I think you’ll love the Jergens Natural Glow Body Moisturizer because it takes only minutes to apply, works really well, is easy to control the tan, and makes your skin feel ultra-soft.

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