Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal doesn’t just have to be something for women. Laser hair removal is a great option for men and women alike who want to permanently remove unwanted hair from their body. Many men have begun to look into the benefits of laser hair removal, and have started to have laser hair removal procedures done all over the world.

Why would men choose to get laser hair removal?

There are a number of reasons why a man may choose to have laser hair removal. The first and most obvious reason is to remove unsightly hair. Some men have unusually hairy areas on their chest and back that make them uncomfortable in social situations. Laser hair removal can help boost those men’s self esteem by permanently removing hair in areas where hair growth has become excessive.

Many men will also choose to have laser hair removal to help with their athletic performance. Swimmers in particular are help back athletically by hair on their bodies. Hair on their legs, chest, and back can slow them down when time is of the essence in competition. Shaving can be time consuming and can often cause uncomfortable and unsightly stubble. Laser hair removal is a great way for those men to have their hair removed permanently and improve their athletic performance.

Other athletically inclined men may choose to have laser hair removal to enhance the look of their muscles. Body builders and weight lifters, who spend hours each day building up their muscles don’t want those muscles to be hidden by hair growth. Laser hair removal can help make the muscles of these individuals look more prominent. Hair can often hide all the hard work that a person has put in at the gym.

Individuals who are planning on getting tattoos may also opt to get laser hair removal on the particular area which they are getting tattooed. Once you get a tattoo, you are unable to perform laser hair removal on the area without damaging the tattoos color and quality. Removing the hair beforehand can make sure the tattoo goes on easily, and always looks great. If you don’t get the hair laser removed beforehand you run the risk of having hair cover the tattooed area, and having to shave the area repeatedly to keep your tattoo visible.

How long will laser hair removal take?

How long a person’s laser hair removal session will take depends greatly on the amount and density of the hair they are trying to remove. For small areas that are going to be tattooed a laser hair removal session can usually be completed in a half hour or less. For larger areas such as your chest or back, the session will last more than an hour. Check with your laser hair removal professional before you go to find out an estimated time for your particular hair situation.

Will one session be enough?

In most cases, you will need to return to your laser hair removal center at least once more before all of your hair will be permanently removed. Hair grows in different cycles, making it impossible to remove all of your hair at once.

Where can a man have laser hair removal performed?

Most laser hair removal locations that accept women, will also accept male clients. Call and ask if the center you are interested in does hair removal for the body area you are interested in such as your back or chest. Some centers may specialize in only facial hair removal; it’s good to know ahead of time what a center can handle as well as sample pricing. Call around in your area and get quotes form a few different places. It never hurts to comparison shop.

What can a man expect after laser hair removal?

After a laser hair removal procedure the area where hair has been removed will be red for a few hours. If you are having a large area done such as your chest or back you will want to take the day off from work to avoid being put in awkward uncomfortable situations. You will be tender in the areas where hair has been removed for the remainder of the day.

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