How to Make Scented Body Oil

Generally, scented body oils are bought at departmental stores by most people. However, it is possible to make your own scented body oil and thus customise oil blends and scents according to your personal preferences. If you are a gardener, you may want to use herbs and flowers grown in your own lands in order to have a unique scented body oil experience.

Things Required:

– Glass bottles for storing oil
– Light-coloured, nourishing base oil
– Essential oil
– Dried flowers and herbs (Optional)
– Decorative piece of ribbon (Optional)
– Perfume (Optional)


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    Depending on the quantity of scented body oil you want to make, choose an appropriate number of bottles. If you plan to give oil to someone as a gift, it would be a good idea to purchase glass bottles with cork stoppers. However, for personal use, even a plastic bottle bought at a beauty supply or craft store would be good enough.

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    Sesame and sunflower are some of the best base oils you can use because rubbing these oils into the skin is relatively easy. Furthermore, these oils are mostly colourless in their pure form which means there is no risk of your clothes getting stained. Fill 3/4 of theĀ bottle you bought in the first step with the chosen body oil.

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    For customising the scent of the body oil, add a few drops of essential oil. If you want the scent to be exceptionally strong, add a fairly large number of essential oil drops. However, for lighter scents, you should only use a limited number of essential oil drops. Consider using multiple essential oil types for creating more complex scents.

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    For more natural scents, add a few dried flowers or herbs to the bottle. The colour and scents of these flowers and herbs would not be notable initially but overtime, you would eventually notice it. Consider adding rose petals, mint leaves or rosemary sprigs. Seal the opening of the bottle with the stopper and lightly shake the contents to mix all the elements properly.

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