Teaching Your Teen Girl How to Safely Apply Eye Makeup

If you have a daughter who has just approached her teenage years, she is probably very eager to start applying the makeup. The entire purpose of eye makeup is to make your eyes more attractive. But there are some steps that should be taken to prevent you from harming your eyes. You will want to teach your daughter how to avoid infection. The first thing that you will want to teach her is how to keep clean. The misuse of eye cosmetics can allow dangerous bacteria to grow in them.

In some very rare cases women have been temporarily or permanently blinded by an eye infection from cosmetics. Another thing that you will want to make sure your teenager understands is not to share and swap makeup. The germs of another person, even a relative can be hazardous to you. You will also want to understand that you avoid trying cosmetics at the store, and never buy anything that has an open package.

Make sure you keep perfectly still, even if that means that you have less time in the morning. Even a slight scratch on your eye can cause some serious problems. You should think sure that you are perfectly still and not moving when trying to apply any eye makeup. Also make sure that any makeup you buy has some type of label that list the ingredients used in the makeup. This may not seem very important to you, but it really is. You are entitled to a certain amount of information when you buy a product like this.

The next thing you will want to teach your daughter is to make sure she chooses the right shade. There are different color additives that are used for different products. In the United stated the use of these additives is very strictly regulated. One color additive that you will definitely want to stay away from is kohl. This is also known as al-kahl, or surma. In some countries this is used to enhance the appearance of the eyes. Kohl consists of salts of heavy metals, like antimony and lead. This product is actually banned in the Untied States

All teenage girls are eager to start wearing makeup for the first time. If you really care about your daughter you will take the time to apply some of the safety steps indicated in this article. Not only will this help your daughter not to over apply makeup, but it will keep them from accidental harming themselves. Isn’t your daughter worth the effort?

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