Ways to Combat Combination Skin

Having combination skin can be complicated. Combination skin means that you have certain areas on your face that are dry and others areas are oily. Usually, the oily part of your face is in what is called the “t-zone” or the area of your forehead, nose and chin. When you have combination skin, you will probably notice that most days, you will experience normal or dry skin. However, oily skin can be the norm for some combination skin people. Taking care of your combination need not be hard. There are several ways you can take care of your combination skin. Here are six tips that will help your combination skin glow.

You may ask yourself how can you be certain you have combination skin. It is pretty easy to tell. If you have combination skin, your skin on your face might feel tight or dry after washing or taking a shower. Your face might also feel rough, look flaky or have an overall dull appearance. On the other hand, other areas of your face will experience shiny skin that might feel or look greasy. This is most common in the “t-zone”. Those are the areas that are more prone to developing blackheads, pimples or other bumps.

There are ways to care for combination skin. After you have determined what kind of skin you have on your face, you can take steps to find the proper products and care for your skin. You might need to find special face cleansers, toner or even makeup that is specifically designed for this type of skin. Also, it may be possible that you have combination skin during certain seasons, such as summer. Your skin may be normal during other parts of the year. Those who spend a lot of time outdoors might experience a dry skin all year round.

The first step you can take to treat and care for your combination skin is to cleanse thoroughly. Look for products that are made specifically for combination skin and use it twice a day. The first thing in the morning and before bed are usually the perfect times to clean your face. Cleansing will help combat the oily skin on the “t-zone” and help keep other parts of the skin healthy. Make sure that you keep your face clean and free of residues at night. This is a good step to take towards caring for combination skin.

The next step to care for combination skin is to moisturize. If you are experiencing oily skin, it may not make sense to you to moisturize. However this is an important step. When you have combination skin, some parts of your face might be oily, but other parts are dry and flaky. You cannot ignore the dry skin when treating the oily skin. The answer is to use moisturizer on the dry skin only. Products made for dry skin will help hydrate the dull and flaky skin. You can find lots of products that moisturize the combination skin you have.

The third step is to balance your skin. When you balance your skin, you will even out the oily and the dry skin. The goal is to get your skin as close to normal as possible. There are many products that can help normalize your skin. Look for those that have alpha hydroxy acids, or retinol, which is a Vitamin A product. Also, use a toner everyday to help keep the skin in balance. Use toner at least once a week to combat combination skin. Look for products that do not contain any alcohol, as this will only make your skin drier than it was. If you have sensitive skin, then look for a hypoallergenic product.

The fourth step is to control the skin by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. When you practice a healthy diet, you can take a big step in controlling the quality of your skin. Fatty and greasy foods are not good for any type of complexion. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and try healthier oils. Drinking water will also help by hydrating your skin the natural way. Not only will this help balance out your skin, it will also help you stay fit and trim.

The fifth step is to use appropriate make up. Make up that contains oil-absorbing properties will help your appearance. Oil-free make up and make up that is labeled as “non-comedogenic” will help by minimizing the chances to pimples and blackheads. Another important part of skin care is to make sure make up is thoroughly removed each night before bed. Never go to bed with make up on because it can cause skin irritations. This is one of the most important steps in taking care of skin of any type.

The sixth step is to use a good sunscreen. It is true that sunscreen will help your skin. Look for sunscreens with an SPF of at least 15. Using a daily sunscreen will help ensure that your skin does not become sunburned, which leads to dry skin. There are several varieties of sunscreen that are made specifically for daily use on the face. In addition, look for moisturizers and make ups that already contain sunscreen for added benefit. Using sunscreen everyday, even in the winter, will help ensure that you have a healthy glow to your skin.

If you have combination skin you can follow these easy tips to help balance and tone your skin. Learning to properly cleanse, moisturize, tone and balance your face will help your skin last longer.

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