How to Achieve the Beautiful Look of Elle McPherson

Okay, you want the look of Elle McPherson but you’re not sure just how to go about achieving it? Well, for starters, you must have a similar appearance: thick blonde hair (natural or otherwise), big, luscious smile, those beautiful eyes. It’s obvious that if you look like Sandra Oh or Terri Hatcher, you’re not going to be able to pull off an Elle McPherson look, but if you have some of the basics of Elle’s appearance you can enhance it quite a lot.

There are certain beauty treatments that most stars use, such as teeth whitening products and moisturizing skin cream than lend to their fabulous appearance. Most people can’t afford the expensive products purchased by the stars but you can find similar products that work well.

Elle McPherson has gorgeous flowing locks and you can too. Try products made for reducing frizz in hair. Smooth the liquid onto damp hair then style with a large-roller curling iron. Run fingers through the hair, after curling, to give it a carefree appearance. Avoid hair clips, headbands and barrettes. The free-flowing hair is more her style.

Elle has beautiful eyes that don’t require a lot of makeup. Go with very black mascara, but don’t apply it too thickly. Use cream-colored eye shadow, barely beige colors, or simply apply some of the face tint that you’ll be using as foundation.

Elle has a natural beauty and doesn’t go for a heavy makeup look. Try applying a moisturizer that is tinted to give a smooth, even look to your face. Or, opt for a light to medium foundation that will make your skin radiant but won’t look heavily made-up. Experiment with various quality foundations until you find one that goes on smoothly, gives you just enough cover to smooth skin tone, and will feel good while you’re wearing it.

Part of Elle’s fabulous look comes from choosing makeup that compliments rather than covers. Choose a blush with a rose color and apply a light amount to the apples of the cheeks. Sweep the blush outward, towards the side of the face. A good rule of thumb for blush is to never apply it higher or lower than the ear.

A rose-colored lipstick, in a sheer form, is perfect for the Elle McPherson look. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick accurately, but do not use a lip liner. Reapply the lipstick after eating or drinking, and throughout the day.

Elle is known for her racy attire in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions but in everyday life, her style is simple yet elegant. Low-cut button-down shirts, tucked into tight-fitting jeans, or a v-neck short dress with spaghetti straps are good choices.

You may not look exactly like Elle McPherson but if you have her basic face shape, long hair and big smile, you can look more like her by experimenting with certain clothing and makeup. You may not have her exact figure or earn the kind of money she does, but it’s guaranteed – you’ll turn some heads!

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