DIY Makeup Tips: Apply Makeup in Five Steps

Makeup has an incredible way of quickly transforming one’s appearance from featureless to fabulous. Even though some people go overboard, and apply more makeup than needed, there are easy techniques for applying an appropriate amount of makeup that will enhance natural beauty. Between getting ready for work in the mornings, and trying to get the kids ready for school, many women do not have enough time to apply makeup. However, applying makeup can take less than five minutes. Consider the following quick tips for looking your best.

* Before applying makeup, thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the face is recommended.

Step 1: If you prefer to wear foundation, first apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than the foundation. Concealer can be quickly applied to any blemishes or imperfections such as birthmarks, dark circles, or permanent scars. Blend the concealer into the skin using fingertips.

Step 2: Select a foundation that best matches your skin tone. Prior to purchasing foundation, request samples of different color variations. This way, makeup wearers can decide on an appropriate color. After applying concealer, apply a few dots of foundation on the face. Next, blend the foundation using fingertips or a makeup sponge.

Step 3: Wearing eye shadow is perfect for enhancing the appearance around eyes. Apply a color that complements your daily attire. You may apply a single shade. However, eye makeup is best when two shades are applied. The darker shade is applied to the crease, whereas the lighter shade is applied to the area under the eyebrow. Complete the look by applying eyeliner and mascara.

Step 4: Choose blush that complements skin tone. Apply blush while looking in a mirror. First, smile and locate the apple of your cheeks. Apply blush to this area. Avoid applying too much. A single upward and downward stroke is sufficient. The key is to emerge with a natural appearance.

Step 5: Lastly, apply a lip color. Choose a color that matches your attire and makeup. Applying a clear gloss is workable when unable to find a matching lip color. If applying lip liner, select a color that matches lipstick. Avoid dark liner with light lips. This style is outdated and young-looking.

Makeup Safety Tips

� Clean makeup brushes regularly. Wash and rinse the brushes, and allow them to air dry.
� Never share makeup (lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc.) If possible, avoid makeup testers in department stores.
� Toss old makeup after six months.

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