Self Tanning Products

Nowadays you don’t have to wait for the summer and lie out for hours at a time to get a golden tone all over the body. It is a fact that bronze skin looks great, gives a healthy glow, and makes you look thinner. There are many self tanning products on the market which you don’t have to soak up the harmful rays or wait for the summer to do it. Here are some self tanners which are popular and safe as well.

Tanners for the face:

Ã?· Terracotta – This product which was created by Guerlain of Paris in 1984 was the first product specifically for bronzing. It is the first and still one of the best facial self tanning products on the market.
Ã?· Laura Mercier Bronzer – This facial tanning product gives the user the look like they have just received a golden tan. It has a hint of rose and also adds a little shimmer to the face as well.
Ã?· Chanel Perfecting Bronzer – The Chanel product is for the forehead, cheeks, and nose and gives the user a beautiful golden tan all over the face.
Ã?· Claris Radiance – Plus Self Tanning Cream Gel – This is one of the highest rated self tanning products on the market as it gives off a nice bronze look. A couple other factors which make this product popular are the facts that the product smells nice and it lasts for a couple of days.
Ã?· LancÃ?´me Flash Bronzer Instant Bronze Glow for the Face – Woman’s Magazine voted this tanner as the Best New Product in its first year on the market. It has a nice aroma and gives the user nice all over tan. This product is also good for the skin as it has Vitamin E which softens the skin.
Ã?· Estee Lauder Go Tan Towlettes for Face and Decolletage – This product is a self tanning facial wipe as the individually wrapped towlettes give the user the possibility to instantly apply a fresh tan anywhere.
Ã?· Phytomer Bronze Perfect – This facial tanning product does not have an odor and is not sticky. The product gives a golden tan all over the face.

Tanners for the body:

Ã?· Decleor Auto-Bronzant Spray Express Hydratant SPF 6 – This self tanning product does not have an odor and its ingredients are 100% organic which makes it safe for the whole body as well as the face.
Ã?· Clarins Lait Auto Bronzant – This product is a cream rather than a gel and gives a nice all over tan. If you want to apply it to your face as well make sure to add a little moisturizer.
Ã?· LancÃ?´me Flash Bronzer Magic Mousse – This mousse product is super hydrating and immediately gives a bronze color which totally develops in one hour.
Ã?· St Tropez Whipped Mousse – This brand from the famous salon brand name is a favorite among celebrities. It is very fast working after application because the ingredients include aloe and fruit acids.
Ã?· Origins Great Pretender – This product gives a golden shimmering tan. The ingredients are natural much like many Origen’s products.

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