What Type of Eye Patch is Best for Eye Patch Therapy?

Those who require eye patch therapy for reasons such as amblyopia, lazy eye, or a host of other eye conditions want the best eye patches available. Those undergoing eye patch therapy are often required to wear an eye patch for a number of hours each day. Eye patches that don’t irritate the skin upon removal, and eye patches that completely cover the eye while fitting comfortably are very important to those who must undergo eye patch therapy.

An Alternative to Elastic Band Eye Patches

People who must receive daily eye patch therapy may find disposable eye patches to be comfortable and convenient alternatives to standard eye patches with elastic bands. Eye patches with elastic bands can be very uncomfortable because they often slip down, and elastic band eye patches can also be very irritating to the face. Those who must receive daily eye patch therapy will find that disposable eye patches adhering to the skin are much more comfortable than elastic band eye patches.

My child must have daily eye patch therapy in an effort to improve the sight in one eye. I have tried patching her eye with a standard elastic band patch, and soon learned disposable patches are the best. The elastic band patch was impossible to keep over her eye. It constantly slipped down and appeared to be very uncomfortable. Disposable eye patches are by far the best alternative for my child.

Disposable eye patches are rather expensive, but they are well worth the price. If an eye patch isn’t comfortable or doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be effective – especially for a child. Invest in the eye patches found to be the most comfortable. There aren’t many brand name disposable eye patches available, but I have tried two different brands. After trying both brands of eye patches for a number of weeks, I have formed an honest opinion of both types.

Nexcare Disposable Eye Patches

This brand of eye patch for eye patch therapy was the first brand I tried on my little girl. This eye patch adhered well to her skin, and it fit her small face satisfactorily. Keep in mind that eye patches come in various sizes, so choose the most appropriate eye patch for the person requiring eye patch therapy.

Removing the eye patch the first few times was not so easy. The skin is very thin and sensitive around the eye, and this patch was definitely not ouch-less. It created a slight amount of redness and irritation around her eye, but I feel this would have occurred with any eye patch. The skin had to become accustomed to the removal of the patch day after day. Finally the skin around her eye was no longer irritated.

Although this patch adhered well and seemed to do a good job, the material it is made from doesn’t stretch very well. Just like a standard adhesive bandage, it didn’t move and stretch with my child’s facial expressions and movements.

Coverlet Disposable Eye Patches

The first thing I noticed about this eye patch made for eye patch therapy is the color of the pad. This eye patch has a dark colored pad which more effectively blocks out light. I think a dark colored pad is more effective for those needing eye patch therapy.

These eye patches are much more flexible than Nexcare eye patches. They can be compared to a flexible bandage. Coverlet eye patches flex and move with facial expressions. This means they are more comfortable than standard non-flexible eye patches.

This eye patch adheres very well – almost too well. This brand of eye patch is very difficult to remove. My little girl removes her eye patches, but it often takes a few minutes. It leaves a significant amount of redness, and it irritates the skin.

One Final Word on Choosing Eye Patches

The perfect eye disposable patch for eye patch therapy would have the dark pad and flexibility of the Coverlet patch with the adhesive property of the Nexcare patch. Those needing eye patch therapy must decide for themselves which eye patch is the best. Those with less sensitive skin may not find the Coverlet patch irritating at all. Being the mother of a child requiring eye patch therapy, my advice is to try both brands of disposable eye patches, and decide which one best suits your needs or the needs of your child.

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