Grooming Tips for Guys According to a Woman

Most men spend as little time as possible on their looks. For most guys, their daily routine consists of a quick shower and a shave before they hit the door. Men, unlike women, are not interested in spending a lot time grooming themselves in front of the mirror. However, there are certain grooming tips that women would love to see their guy do before they head out for the day.

Your mother was right. Grooming is important. Proper grooming (each day!) will make you look better and it will make you feel better about yourself. Plus, you should listen when your wife or girlfriend tells you that your eyebrows or mustache looks a little fuzzy. Women spend a lot of time grooming themselves and they know what they are talking. They certainly do not want you to stand in front of the mirror picking, pulling and tweezing longer than they do, but you can spend a few extra minutes grooming each day. It will help you look and feel your best. Here are a few tips that the woman in your life wants you to know about.

Bad breath: Nothing is worse than kissing a guy who has breath like a gorilla. In order to combat bad breath, brush your teeth regularly. And, please don’t try kissing your gal first thing in the morning without brushing first. This includes flossing and brushing your tongue. Germs can build up in those places and cause chronic bad breath. If you do not have the chance to brush after each meal, try using breath fresheners or sugar free gum between meals. Also, remember that drinking alcohol can cause smelly breath. Brush your teeth before making a move.

Nails: Does your manicure consist of you biting your nails down to the quick instead of using nail clippers? That is what a lot of men do. Stop right there! Rough edges on fingernails are turn-offs. Also, do not go out the door without taking a quick look UNDER the nails. Dirt and grime are huge no-nos when it comes to impressing the women. Invest in a good quality nail kit that comes with clippers, a file and scissors. Keep your nails nice and neat by trimming and filing on a regular basis. Keep your nails clean by washing your hands will soap and water several times a day. You can also purchase an inexpensive nail scrubber that will help your keep your cuticles looking good and your nails clean. If your nails are in really bad shape, consider a professional manicure. Yes, men can get those, too. For a small amount of money, they will trim, file and fix your cuticles. You might be surprised how much you like the results.

Dry skin and lips: There is nothing worse than holding hands or kissing lips that are dry and flaky. This can be a problem in the winter months or for men who work with their hands a lot. You do not have to keep lip moisturizer and hand lotion at your desk, but with a little chap stick in the morning and right before bed, your lips will stay moist and kissable. The same goes for dry skin. Have you looked at your elbows or knees lately? Take a few minutes right after you get out of the shower and apply a good lotion to your hands, elbows and feet. You do not even have to use girl lotion. There are many brands of lotion that does not smell like flowers and that works well. Also, use a little after-shave lotion after shaving for a smooth face. Avoid products with an alcohol base because it only exacerbates dry skin.

Facial Hair: OK, this is a biggie. Facial hair can either be a complete turn off or a turn on. Women all have differing opinions when it comes to guys and facial hair. Before you decide to shave off that mustache or grow a goatee, check with your special someone and find out what she prefers. If you do have a beard or mustache, you can still keep it neat and clean. Trim it on a regular basis, too. This hair is noticeable; so make sure you take care of it. Speaking of facial hair, this means you must also think about your fuzzy eyebrows, too. If someone tells you that you have a “unborn” or a “monobrow”, they are telling you look like Bert from Sesame Street. Your eyebrows look like one giant strip of fuzz across your face. It’s not attractive, so do something to control it. Learn how to trim your brows and how to tweeze unwanted hair from the middle. If you have never tweezed hair before, it may take a few times to get the hang of it. Don’t assume it will hurt, either. You might experience a little pain and redness at first, but it will not bother you after you have done it a few times. Many men also visit a salon and have unwanted facial hair waxed. This is a good option if you do not want to try tweezing at home.

Nose and Ear Hair: Don’t ignore your ears and nose. Hair grows from these areas, too. Invest in a good battery operated nose and hair trimmer and use it every couple of days. You will appreciate the cleaner look, and so will your lady.

Men, take this grooming tips to heart. Spend a few extra minutes each day to tame your looks. While you may never look like a famous actor, your gal in your life will appreciate your new groomed look.

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