The Little Beauty Salons in Fresno, California

Out there in the world there are several Beauty Salons that reveal to the masses their ability to cultivate the beauty out of a mess of hair, faces, pores, terrible acne, and all sorts of superficial problems that people face every day of their lives. I, myself, am very superficial (well not really, but bare with me here.) and must deal with these problems every 4-5 weeks where I have to go and get my hair cut in such a styled manner that it is nigh-impossible for anybody to touch sans one or two hair salons.

So where does that lead us? Well, folks, I’ve come today to tell you of a mystical hidden salon in the depths of Fresno, California where the untrained eye will never be able to find such a wonder. There are a few salons in Fresno. Super Cuts, Z, etc. They are all nice and dandy, but cutting hair is an art, and though these salons are nice, they are not well versed in the ways of attacking male hair efficiently and with style. The problem with a lot of hair Salons is that they think all males care about their hair. They think that they must turn the masses on their head into works of art. Too bad they don’t realize that most males in Fresno couldn’t care less. This is where you find the real hair artists. These are the ones who can take a man who has no care about his hair at the very slightest, and with subtle adjustments turn his hair into a work of subtle, ninja-like, work.

There are two salons that I’ve found in Fresno who can do such work. One is Kaying’s Beauty Salon. Her work is impervious. She is a kindly Asian woman in her 40’s, with short very neat kept hair. The way she wears her apron, it’s almost motherly. She has an amazing amount of precision with her hands and her ability to do such work is astounding. She is one of the few people I will allow to butcher my hair. Over at Kaying’s they have an astounding ability to do what you need and what you want done. But it doesn’t stop there. They go from wild and wacky hairstyles to the most “a little off the top” cuts. And they do them all with amazing quality. Never have they botched a job that I’ve seen and her quaint little shop on the southwest corner of Shaw and Peach has an aura of homeliness. Everyone is amazingly kind and there is always smiles and laughter all about.

Then we have the other place I go to: Pim’s Beauty Salon. Pim is a beautiful woman who has had quite a past. You’ll see pictures of her lounge singing career on the walls in subtle places, not meant for attention, but rather for her own memories. She’s quiet and reserved, but smirks with a bit of passion. She can work your hair in record time and it’ll come out looking like gold. The only reason I rarely ever go to Pim is because she is so far away. Her quality and speed is phenomenal and far surpasses anybody else in Fresno. Her tiny salon, located on the Southeast corner of Olive and First, is hidden behind glass and bars. She keeps mostly to herself and gets business by word-of-mouth. It is a great little salon and with quality to boot.

Both salons offer everything you could want and their prices are not at all ridiculous, floating in at around $9-12 per cut. Their other services include: dying, nails, makeup artistry and anything else beauty related. They work with you and do what you need. These two shops are by far the best shops in town for your money. I would not trust anybody else to touch my hair!

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