What You Didn’t Know About Wrinkles

After you notice a new wrinkle, you probably already know plenty about what causes them. The biggest wrinkle offenders are aging and exposure to the elements, especially the sun. Basically it boils down to thinner skin with less elasticity and the skin’s weakening ability to retain moisturization. Think you know all there is about wrinkles? Get these wrinkle facts and limit the effects of wrinkles on your skin.

That Sneaky Sun

You probably think that your spiffy skin care products and makeup with SPF is plenty of protection against the sun, but you would be wrong. Even worse, it’s not simply how much time you spend sunbathing but how much time you are actually outside. That office window or car ride can expose your skin to dangerous UVA rays. Protect your skin from that sneaky, wrinkle-trigger sun. Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen and avoid grabbing that window seat.

Don’t Sleep Face First

A good night’s sleep is wonderful for your skin but not if you sleep on your face. Sometimes, cuddling with a big soft pillow (or sexy partner) is just what the doctor ordered but if you do this every night you’ll make your skin wrinkle. Even sleeping on the same side can cause skin drooping. Swap it up if you are a side sleeper. If possible, sleep on your back!

Peek At Your Parents

Wondering how you’ll look in 20 years? Take a look at your biological parents and grandparents. If their skin tends to droop around the neck or chin, yours probably will too. Take proactive steps today to fight those wrinkle genes.

Arm yourself with good skin care practices, watch how you sleep and avoid those unintended sun sessions. Learning more about wrinkles, and how to avoid them, will keep your skin smoother, longer.

Source: Skin Care Foundation

Source: Medical News Today

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