How to Use a Clip less Curling Iron

Many women with long straight hair dream of curly hair. There are various ways to get the desired look which include using a curling iron or a curling wand. The curling iron is the most popular technique. It is basically a tool that helps you in getting perfect curls by rolling your small sections of hair one by one on the iron.

There are two types of curling iron. There is a curling iron with a clip which holds your hair while you curl and then there is the one that is Clip less.


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    Gather all the items

    First of all, you must gather all the items that you need to curl your hair in one place so that there is no problem afterwards. It makes it convenient for you in this way as during hair curling; it is difficult to find things that are required. The items would include the clip less curling iron, hair spray, a comb and a large clip. Once you have gathered all items in one place, you are ready to start the process.

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    Wash and dry your hair

    It is important to shampoo you hair before curling. The hair must be clean and dry when you start the process of curling them. Thoroughly shampoo your hair and dry them with the help of a towel. Make sure you do not completely dry them as that would not give the best results.

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    Divide your hair in two parts

    Divide your hair into two equal parts. It is good if you do this from the centre. Making divisions will help you in determining which parts have already been curled. It is also good to use a comb on your hair after you make the divisions. This will give a proper texture to your hair and they will be in a good shape.

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    Use the curling iron

    Use the large clip on one division so that the hair does not disturb you when you are curling the other side. Make small sections and treat each section with the curling iron. Since there is no clip in the curling iron, you have to hold the hair and roll them on the iron for a good 10 seconds before letting them go. Repeat the same process on all sections.

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    Apply hair spray

    When you are done curling your hair, apply hair spray to give the curls a nice hold.

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