How to Take a Green Tea Bath

A good bath is extremely crucial to start a pleasant day or to refresh your energies in the evening. Most people look to have a normal bath or shower to rejuvenate; however, there are a number of special baths, which can be a lot more beneficial and relaxing. One special type of cleaning your body is the green tea bath, which is considered to be one of the best herbal baths. Apart from having a magical effect on your mind and body, a green tea bath offers very useful minerals to your skin and makes it more appealing.


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    Choose the perfect green tea

    There are numerous qualities of green tea available in markets or grocery shops. Choosing the right one according to your personal preferences is extremely important in order to fully enjoy the bath. Read the ingredients on the back of the green tea pack and see if they suit your skin type.

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    Make a mixture

    Once you have picked the best green tea, you have to mix it with parsley, dried chamomile flowers, orange peel, dried spice and Epsom salt. Use a small bowl to mix all the ingredients and grab a spoon to thoroughly stir it.

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    Put the mixture in a mesh drawstring bag

    Once the ingredients have been nicely mixed, put the mixture in a mesh drawstring bag. In order to cleanly put the mixture into the bag, you can use a spoon or gently pour it over through a side. The drawstrings need to be pulled tightly before you tie them.

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    Place the mesh bag in the bathtub

    Now place the ingredient filled mesh bag in your bathtub and start running warm water. As the bathtub starts to get filled, water will seep through the mesh bag and will spread the liquefied ingredients in the tub.

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    Be relaxed before you take bath

    Before you undress yourself and enter the bathtub, it is imperative that you are in a relaxed state of mind. Make sure that you are done with cooking or other household chores; otherwise, you will not be able to get rid of the stress. Some bath lovers take green tea bath after dinner and sleep right away.

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