Estee Lauder Go Bronze Delivers a Realistic Tan from a Bottle

Estee Lauder Go Bronze is one of my all time favorite self-tanners. Unlike other self-tanners Estee Lauder Go Bronze does not change your skin into an unnatural shade found only in the box of Crayola crayons. Go Bronze is applied just like any other self-tanner. It differentiates itself from other tanners in two ways though. First is the awesome realistic glow it gives your skin. The second is you can truly see Go Bronze it as you apply it. Many self-tanners will say that, but it is not always true.

Like most people with fair skin I have been on the hunt for the perfect self tanner for most of my life. Even as a child I knew I was pale and that was not always a good thing. No one wants their bone white legs sticking out of their shorts in the summer! Using a self tanner like Estee Lauder’s Go Bronze makes more since as I see my friends aging prematurely from laying out in the sun and going to the tanning bed weekly. Estee Lauder Go Bronze gives me a nice even brown glow that is perfect for even the fairest of skins.

There are a couple tips and tricks you should definitely keep in mind while applying Este Lauder Go Bronze. The first rule is patience is definitely a virtue. The first time I ever applied Go Bronze I was extremely slow and thorough. Just like the sales lady told me to be. You can see the Go Bronze on your skin as you apply it, so it is easy to fix any areas you miss. Now that I have been using it for a couple years I know how quickly you really can put it on. I have never had any weird streaks since using Este Lauder Go Bronze. The second tip or tick to keeping mind when applying any self tanner is to remember less is always more. This is true with Este Lauder Go Bronze as well. No one will look naturally tan from a self-tanner if you are trying to make yourself ten shades darker. Every time I use Go Bronze I receive great compliments about my clear and fresh complexion.

One of the best features about Go Bronze from Estee Lauder is that they make two different lotions, one for the face and one self tanner for the body. Throughout the year I use the face lotion from Go Bronze in place of a foundation or base. It evens out my skin tone, minimizes dark circles, and truly gives an instant healthy glow. The Go Bronze body self tanner is thinner than the face lotion. If you do not have any problems with breakouts or acne you may just want to purchase the body Go Bronze ad use it on your face as well. I have used it on my face and have not suffered any breakouts.

Estee Lauder Go Bronze will cost you just under $30 for a bottle. It is well worth the price. Just think of all the money you will be saving down the road when your friends are having cosmetic touch ups to fix years of sun damage.

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